Why mental health is important.

In times like these, where more and more people are succumbed to mental illnesses: this is the time to start the talk. We, as humans are more advanced than ever and it is safe to say that the only place left to go is the top. Science has made numerous valuable researches that help us in ways more than one. However, there is one topic in particular that no one wants to talk about; mental health.

It is now, that more and more people are getting mentally ill and yet, no one wants to talk about it. What I want to know is that, why is it considered a taboo? Why? Are they not people like us? Don’t they breathe the same air and live under the same stars are us? So, why do people make faces when they get a whiff of someone who’s suffering from a mental disease? Why do we ward it of as being satanic or labelling it as black magic?

Yes, those things very much exist. But when someone is mentally ill, it is a completely different story. This is not talking about a certain culture, but it is a problem that is very much widespread all over the world.
It’s time that we start treating others all our equal, regardless of their skin, religion, preferences or mental conditions. People need to be told that no one asks for a mental disease and when someone tells you that there depressed, don’t tell them things like: “oh, it’ll be okay” or, “don’t worry, you’re just thinking like that”. No, people don’t get to choose why they think like that. They have no control over their thoughts and therein, lies the problem. You don’t get to punish someone who’s Kleptomaniac for a crime they have no impulses over. You don’t tell a bulimic person to not be conscience of themselves, because they have a problem for a reason. It’s the things that no one asks for, but still they get it.

All I want from societies is, to raise awareness and to work towards helping these people. All of us are going through some things in our lives that no one wants to talk about. And that’s absolutely ok. You don’t have to push yourself to be perfect, even when if seems like you really need to. No one in this world is perfect, and often times, our definition of perfect varies from person to person. The person I deem perfect, may not be in your eyes ad vice versa. And, that’s totally ok! We don’t have to pretend to have the same choices as someone else, we all have our own preferences: and, that’s what makes us unique.

You don’t need to push yourself be like someone else. God made us a particular way, and we should stay like that. We were born us, and should die being us. You don’t need to think that you have, to have Gigi Hadid’s legs, just because you saw her on instagram. You never know, Gigi might not even like her legs, and here you are: thinking what it’d be like to have that. Not everything you see on the internet is true. Especially, instagram. It’s all a facade; it’s a game of filters and angles, and once you’ve got that right, boom! That’s the definition of perfect and how you should look like. But, no. You shouldn’t look like that, you’re not meant to.

So, to all of the people that are suffering from a mental disease or are insecure about the way the look, or want to be like someone else: you’re perfect just they you are. Don’t fit in where you feel like you have to. Don’t. You shouldn’t be doing anything you don’t want to. And, the next time someone tells you that mental disease is no big deal, just don’t listen. There’s so much ignorance, and it baffles me everytime. If you need help, talk to someone who can fully understand what you’re going through. Don’t give up and be strong. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Even when that tunnel seems like a million miles long, you’ll get through it eventually. And that when you’ll look back, you’ll know what you came from. To reach your best is through going through your worst. You can never see the best, unless you’ve seen the worst in yourself.

Talk to someone.

Suicide Prevention- PK

 800-273-TALK (8255) USA

+1 (416) 408 4357 Canada, Toronto. 

116 123 NHS, UK. 

Thankyou for reading and supporting! ❤

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My reaction: Lost In Japan Shawn Mendes (Zedd Remix)

My Reaction..Zedd Remix

I’ve been listening to snippets of the Zedd Remix all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. Originally, I was very exited about the song that they were going to do, which I thought would be an original song and not a remix. However, when I found out it was a Lost In Japan remix I completely flipped out. I absolutely love the original version of the song. It has soft beats and a fun rhythm to it, Shawn’s voice is amazing as always. If you haven’t listened to either, I strongly recommend listening to it, man I was bopping my head so much I thought I had a neck injury. It’s sweet and overall just has a very lovey-dovey vibe to it.

BUT, the Zedd remix is a COMPLETELY different story. The beats are extremely over powering and he auto tunes Shawn’s voice as if, God forbid he destroyed his vocal chords. Ahem, ahem, Post Malone. It also adds the signature beat that Zedd has in all his songs. I mean, I’ve got nothing against listening to Techo or EDM but.. it does not sit well with Shawn’s voice. It adds too much to the actual beat of the song, and well, it’s doing the utmost.

So, I never thought I’d say this but, I absoutely hated the Remix. The song is beautiful on it’s own, so listen to that over this trash. I’m so sorry Shawn, but babe this was rough. Were you drunk when you approved this?

No offence to any of the extremely defensive fans out there, chill. I’m just being honest. You’ll see what I’m talking about..

But, please go listen to the original version, you won’t be disappointed! ❤

 The Originalimage1 (1)

Cruel Prince: worth reading? *no spoilers*

Hi. I’ve been MIA for the longest time but, y’know exam season and stuff.

Cruel Prince is the first book in the The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. Man, first of all, OH MY GOD. I live for this! It’s so good I can’t even emphasis it enough, like really. I’m not joking in any way, poker face. However before I get into this, all opinions are mine and are not meant to offend anyone. So, basically you’re free to disagree with me.

So the story revolves around Jude Duarte who is a mortal girl living in Faerie. Her parents are killed by the Grand General of Elfhame, Madoc. He literally, and I’m not kidding, kills her mother, who he was previously in love with and had a daughter with. Also, kills Jude’s father. So, fast forward, Madoc takes Jude and her twin and his daughter, Vivi, to Elfhame. Because faeries and Faerie is described as an exceptionally beautiful place, it also has a lot of evil lurking in. Faeries aren’t exactly the biggest fans of mortals and now that the Grand General has two bastard daughters, the Fae can’t really do anything but they can show their intentions—which they do. In some odd way, Jude and her twin love Madoc, which is understandable because throughout the course of the story he loves them very much. I know what your thinking, what? Exactly. It all makes sense when you’re reading it.

The book centers around heavy YA Fantasy in a Faerie world, politics, betrayal, character developments, complex characters, and a hint of romance. It’s incredibly fast paced and does not disappoint. It left me on the edge of my seat and all I wanted to know what happened next. The scene with Cardan & Jude in the Court of Shadows was vyhnsxdc ohmyheart. Cardan is the Crown Prince of Elfhame that hates Jude. Mainly because she’s mortal and other reason too. But mostly because she’s a mortal. Jude, is an exceptionally well developed character. You can practically see her evolve from the start to the end. She’s so headstrong and I love that in my heroines. I don’t need heroines that need saving or don’t know how to do shit themselves. She takes charge, she’s dangerous and a mixture of Celeana from ToG and Inej & Nina from Six of Crows, I looove.

Wicked King. Oh my GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! Can you hear me screaming? The ending destroyed me, wrecked my senses, and I felt legit heartbreak. I was crying and I was incredibly pissed and I didn’t know what to do next because the third book comes in 2020. I am not ok. I can’t even function properly anymore. JUDE MY GIRL OHMYGOD. I wanna give some spoilers so bad, but I can’t do that. It’ll simply ruin it for someone who wants to read it. But, man oh man, you need to read this. This book tore my heart and all I can say is, Holly Black came hard. All I wanna say is, Cardan almost had my heart. Well, who am I kidding? I love him and practically live for humor.

YA Fantasy lovers, will definitely find this amazing, totally recommended. 💯

I also fail to understand how people can call this slow.. like help me understand. But that’s ok I understand, opinions and shit. *cries in the corner in faerie*

Here are some memes that i found last night so i wanted to share. I laughed so hard, they won’t spoil anything so, don’t worry xx


Top 10 favourites of 2018.

2018 was one hell of a year. I travelled to a new country, started my blog, got the result I wanted, started university, made new friends, etc. So, in a nutshell, it’s been a good year and a ok year. All at the same time. But, I doubt anyone wants to hear any mushy stuff, nor am I going to write it.

For the longest time, I didn’t wear foundation. I downright despised it. I’ve always had this thing in the back of my head that was like I’m going to breakout whenever I apply foundation. Because of this very reason, I’ve never wanted to apply it. But, the thing is, when you remove it carefully it’s not going to break you out. So, back last year, I gifted my mom the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless. It turns out that as I bought it online, the shade I guessed for my mom was actually a shade darker for her, and she always wears her spot-on shade, which is something I do too. So, she wore it a few days back and told me that it looks darker on her and I should try it. I was kinda skeptical, because I didn’t want to look like a fool, but atleast I tried it. I’m so glad I did. As soon as I applied it, I literally fell in love with it. Not only was it the right formula, the right coverage, but it was exactly my shade! It wears beautifully, and its a medium buildable coverage and I’m obsessed with it. However, this does not mean I’m wearing a foundation everytime I do make-up. The shade is Montblanc and retails for 49.99$. (steep, I know)

Next is something which is probably the most unique jewellery item I own. I bought it from Istanbul back in January. The stone is called zultanite and it changes color, in every different light, literally. It goes purple pink in the sun, green is dim yellow lighting and peach is normal lighting, blueish-green-brown is some sorts of lighting, red in neon flourescent lighting and so on. It comes with earrings, necklace and a ring, it’s in silver. My dad gifted me this so listing the price seems weird. But, if you buy it from Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you can get it around 30 – 50$. Mine was a bit more expensive because I bought it from a shop but my mom liked the making so we just bought it. Although, she got hers from Grand Bazaar a day before.

When I heard Balmain were doing a collaboration with Loreal, I absolutely panicked and wanted to pick up everything. The packaging seemed amazing and even the ad campaign was very runway-esque. So, when I went to UK, for my cousin’s wedding, I picked up the Loreal x Balmain lipstick in Fever. It has a emerald green component and the packaging looks expensive. The color is sort of a burnt orange while also, being somewhat terracotta. It’s beautiful. I wanted to buy more shades, but I’m glad I didn’t. Not because I didn’t like it, but when you’ve got the same thing in excess, it sort of loses value. I good it from Boots for 13.99£

Next are my books, I didn’t read for the majority of 2018, and I didn’t start until the last week of November. I started with the Red Queen series which I’ve had since 2015, but I never actually read it. So I finished the Red Queen series and now, I’m on the last book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. So, in total I’ve read 6 books in the last month. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The next book I’m going to read is the Shatter Me series by Tahera Mafi. I’m so excited! I’ve also ordered six more books from Readings just because I’m going to read so much in 2019, I hope so. Fingers crossed.

I got my first Kat Von D lipstick last year from Saudia Arabia but I never used it as much as I do now. The shade I got was Lolita and it works with every single look. It’s a nude brown pink and I have no idea how to describe it but I love it. The only thing is that it doesn’t wear as well as I want it to, which is a bummer. But, I still love the shade and every drawn the gothic-y packaging. I got it from Sephora for 100SAR, which is approximately 26$.

Jeffree Star skin frost highlighter. Let me tell you, you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have a JSC highlighter. It’s absolute magic. And, hands down, the best highlighter. It has a huuuge pan that comes with a huge mirror and you can see the glow from Mars. Not kidding. It wears beautifully and you need to get one if you still don’t have one. I know he’s a controversial person, but all things aside, he makes the best highlighters. Although the shade I got, so fucking gold is way too dark for me, but I make it work because I love it and I couldn’t get the lighter shade because it was sold out. I got it for 4600RS, when I ordered it from a page on Facebook. (Don’t worry, it’s real, I checked) but on the JSC website it retails for 25$.

SHAWN MENDES FRAGRANCE. I could literally go on and on and on about this. Well, besides that it’s made by someone who I absolutely love, it also smells pretty damn good. The smell is kinda floral but also woodsy ish at the same time. I’m no expert on the top and bottom notes stuff, but it wears off extremely good. I wore it on my birthday for the first time. Which is also, not to brag but brag, his birthday also. It wore pretty good and I love it. I ordered it from Boots, and 100ml was for 41£, which I got. Also, my dad gifted me this, and I absolutely freaked out when I saw it and was completely floored. It was magic, ok?

The Sleek highlighter palette in Solstice. I also have the Cleopetra’s Kiss which is very good and gold, but I love the Solstice one a tiny bit more. It has four shades, one creme and three powders, including a purple highlight. Which is pretty cool, btw. It goes on extremely blinding and I can’t say enough about it. I got it from Boots Cardiff for 9.99£.

Morphe x Kathleen Lights palette. I love Kathleen and I also own the color pop collab that she has, although I wanted to pick up Dream Street and the Zodiac palette but I was too broke. And in all honesty, did not need more eyeshadow. I took it to UK with me and used it on my cousin’s wedding day and the function the next day. Sort of holds a special place, I guess. The colors are beautiful and blend beautifully, definitely my most used palette and a favorite of mine. 15$ but I got it for 3000RS / 24$.

Rings. I’ve lately been wearing rings and I’m totally obsessed with them. I don’t leave the house until I have rings on, it’s become a huge addiction. I think they’re a part of who I am now. I own many and I’ve just organized them in my drawer and I could be more proud of myself. I think I’ve collected more than 20 rings in the past four months or maybe five. I have a preference for silver rings because they look more unique to me and in general, more appealing.

It’s been a good year and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to put myself first because no ones going to do that for me and stand up for myself in situations where I need to. Let go of something or someone because they’re not right me for me. 2019, please be good. Happy new year!

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Thank you for reading! ❤ XXX

Red Queen: Is it really worth the read?

Let me start off: Totally. Don’t let my word play keep you from reading the series, although I highly doubt my opinion matters enough.

I remember I bought Red Queen in 2015, and I didn’t read it until the end of 2018, which is just about now. I’m the worse type of mood reader there is, I’ll have a book on my shelf which is appealing but I won’t pick it up and read. I’ve done it so many times it’s crazy. I’ve had the Fallen series by Lauren Kate on my shelf 2 years before I read it, (it happens ok, don’t judge), Vampire Academy and the same happened with Red Queen. Although I will read more and more books in 2019, so you can expect loads of book reviews, I hope so.

So, I’ve heard a tonne of hype for Red Queen and all over, saying everyone’s in love with it. Well, god damn it me too. (I’ve always wanted to say that)

It’s such a clever blend of a young fiction, action and romance. Minus all the sappy romance stuff, which you will not find in this series. And, I love that. Not everyone likes to read sappy love stories, and I admit I was tired of it and that was the main reason I stopped reading for a while. But, this storyline had me on the edge. It was such a good mixture of romance and action, it truly got me. More action than romance I have to say.

The storyline follows a divide between humans. Silvers and Red. Silvers are what you’d call, the kind of the X-Men. It’s the easiest to put it that way. All the silvers have powers like, controlling metal: magnetrons, controlling the mind: telkies, controlling fires: infernos. (My personal favorite) And in stark opposite are the Reds. They are common people who have no abilities and are forced to either join the century long war at the age of 18, or get a job: which is difficult. Hence, the population is controlled as Reds are sent of to a useless ongoing war, the Silvers, rule the country. The form a monarchy and consist of several noble high houses.

So, the story is about a Red girl, Mare. Who’s described as a good for nothing stubborn thief. In order to save her friend from being conscripted to the war, she steals and runs into the crown prince of Norta. Prince Tiberias Calore the VII. Yeah, I just had chills, if you can’t tell I’m absolutely in love with Cal. He’s called Cal in the books, so I’m sorry if I confused you. But, Mare doesn’t know he’s a prince and she tells him about her life and how its miserable, blah blah blah. So, he sends for her to be a maid in the palace. At the same time, there’s a festival going on to select his bride, where she falls into the pit with lightning flowing from her. This, is unknown and unheard of, because she’s Red and Reds aren’t supposed to have abilities.

However, shit happens and the evil Queen and her son, Maven plan a little something which directly effects and involves Mare. The King, Queen, Maven and Cal come up with a plan to shield this Red girl with a peculiar ability, and deem her as a Silver. Although her blood isn’t Silver. That’s a very long story, but my God it’s so fun to read.

Overall, the first book had a fast paced plot and I throughly enjoyed it. There was action, betrayal and a hint of love. Yes, there is a love triangle between Maven, Mare & Cal. Obviously.

The second book, Glass Sword was, however, kind of repetitive where Mare and Cal seek out new bloods, who are reds with silver abilities, like Mare. So, it’s basically just knowing a bit of what Maven is up to, and a lot about the stupid search that Mare has, which towards the mid end, makes her out to be a vicious monster. Actually. She loses focus of something that happens, and then has a justification for every messed up thing she does. She shows little care for other people, especially Cal. Knowing what he went through was absolutely traumatic and it’s downright selfish of Mare to oversee that and keep on whining about herself. She kinda reminds me of Elena Gilbert from Vampire Dairies when she does all that stuff. It got annoying. But the end was cool though, I sorta cried, I knew it was about to happen. I was sad and very excited.

I enjoyed the third book a lot, King’s Cage. I’ll admit the Cameron point of views were boring for me and did not seem interesting at all. She was whinny and all she cared was for saving her brother. I get it, but I really had to get through her chapters. Although, I wish there were Maven and Cal chapters because that’d be the best. Y’know where Maven kept Mare hostage and how Cal felt about all that. That would really have made the whole book so so so much better. However, this one had a lot of tension leading up to the climax and the ending, as before, got me. But in a very emotional—why would you do this kind of way. I was devastated. The little glimpses of Maven were amazing and it really made me got to know him better. Also, before you judge an evil character, analyze everything they’ve gone through. I wish there were more one on one Maven and Mare scenes, I would’ve loved it and they’d be hella interesting.

The finale, War Storm, is what really got me. I absolutely loved the Maven and Cal point of views and I wish there were more. The pages seemed less when their POV came on, I was turning the pages wishing for more. I’m not gonna lie, I squealed like a kid every time Cal’s POV came. It was the best. Evangeline’s POV were good too, but Iris’s made absolutely no sense. It seemed like she kept on saying the same thing over and over, which was boring and absolutely useless to what was actually going on. I don’t really get why people were hating on the finale like, it isn’t perfect but it’s not your book to end. It clearly states that Mare wants to go back to Cal and she will. She just needs to spend time with her family, Clara and Farley. It’s been tough for her, and everyone in the war and it’s natural to heal from that. She didn’t say that she didn’t want to be with Cal. Although, I was disappointed in that conversation they had, but as I read the last sentence I knew what the ending was, and I was satisfied. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s what Aveyard was trying to convey. Life isn’t perfect and there’s isn’t also.

But anyone with half a brain, could say that it satisfied you. I mean, I know I was. I was devastated by the conversation Cal and Mare had, but when things slowly unfolded, it made sense and was realistic. Also, the fact that no one died except Maven, was the clear reason that they had healers so they could heal anyone, so the ‘loophole’, doesn’t really exist. I mean that’s my theory. And, also people hating on Evangeline for being in love with Elane is crazy. Yes, she’s her brother’s wife, but he knows about it and has another lover anyways so why does it matter? Also, they’re royals, and they all know what’s going on, and to all of you that think this is repulsive; don’t pretend nothing messed up happens in Game of Thrones. So, in a nutshell I have no problem Evangeline being gay for her brother’s wife. It’s not like she’s doing it behind his back, and that would be a completely different scenario.

It ties the endings and anyone who has a problem with the ending, clearly needs to read the end again. I read one or two reviews that said the finale absolutely sucked and I was scared to read it nonetheless. I didn’t want it to suck and it didn’t. I liked it and I’m sad to say goodbye. Especially Cal. He was kinda indecisive but I still love him. The fact that he controls fire is just enough for me.

I would totally recommend it to anyone who loves action, it has alot and ugh, i love it. You should definitely give it a read. I’m also obsessed with the covers. The best was War Storm, then Glass Sword.

This cover was so aesthetically pleasing i couldn’t stop taking pictures. I intended to take pictures with all the books, but i couldn’t. I got sick and didn’t feel like doing anything. Also, my lazy ass finished War Storm in three days. It was a pretty fat book, but i really enjoyed it. I finished King’s Cage in Murree and it was amazing to read surrounded by nature and it’s beauty. This is now starting to be, all over the place and i’m gonna go now.

PS: first series done of 2019! happy (nearly) new year to all of you! ❤️

Thankyou for reading! ❤️ XX

Murre blog: how I nearly died of frostbite.

Let me start this of by saying, I wish I was exaggerating.

We left for Murree by 8:30 which is pretty early and I’m glad I didn’t wake up at 6, as my dad said because I knew we would never, in a million years, leave at 6. It’s not a thing in my family to be punctual. Ever. For those of you who don’t know, Murree is a hill station that is completely magical. It has the most beautiful greenery and trees that are as old as, I don’t know, 300 years ago. It’s an hour and half drive from where I live, Islamabad.

Let me tell you a little story about Murree. When the British came to India, they used to love Murree. Many used to live there because they loved the mountains and the weather. The weather is extremely cold in the winters and heavenly warm and breezy in the summers. The summer weather in Murree is literally my favorite. You don’t sweat, and the warm sun on your face is just, heavenly, to say the least. So, it has some churches and it’s still a very loved tourist spot. And, of course I love it too.

We reached around 11, the sun was shining but the winds made the chill extremely known. If there were no winds, I’d say the daytime was ok. But, it was chilly and very very cold in the day too. We went to our rooms which unfortunately had no efficient heating system so I stood infront of a old used up electric heater. Which is meant to burn your legs after 2 minutes of standing infront of it. But nope, it was absolutely useless and five minutes in, I was already freezing. I bugged my dad to give me a spare sweater of his because I was freezing, that did.. well let’s say it didn’t suck all together.

We then went to Chinar Golf club for some food, which is ohmygod. The most beautiful place ever, like I have no words. It’s a golf course and it’s astonishing. Tall pine trees overlooking the mountains, which I believe are the Himalayas, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure it’s not Kashmir. When the sun hits the trees from across the mountains, it almost looks gold. It’s like the unintentional live version of Stairway to Heaven, all that glitters should be gold. It’s all that comes into my mind when I see that. I feel like more and more people need to come and see Pakistan, because it’s absolutely beautiful. Yes, it definitely needs work in maintenance and basic somethings, but apart from that, it should be on your list.

Had some food and drank some coffee while taking in the view. Read the 3rd part in the Red Queen series, King’s Cage. Let me tell you this, I cried at the end because I was shook and I can’t even wait to read the final part. I already have it with me and I’m on chapter five as of now. I’ll write a review after I’m done, but I’m so excited ohmygod. The caramel latte I had was everything. We strolled and took loads of pictures because the place deserved a lot of love and I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take pictures in such a heavenly place.

Then, we went to the Mall, it’s just a street that has a load of shops that sell local specialities and everything in between. I bought so many rings that I love and two boxes that look like small Tiffany boxes. I also, bought a ring that looks the crown on the cover of War Storm. Maybe, I’ll find my Cal too, hahah just kidding. I don’t need one now, but yes please for the future.

I aslo got these super cute Kashmiri earrings that I love! I haven’t worn earrings like this ever, so i’m very excited to wear them at the next wedding.

This gray cloudy ring reminds me of something Maven would give Mare, (strong Red Queen vibes), before he went loco. Also, it’s super unique. The other one is just a simple band, which i’m in love with. It’s very elegant and cute. The last one on my thumb is just a interwoven silver pattern.

I got this lion ring that I was absolutely blown by, it was so stunning and I just had to. Also, because i’m leo, is the main reason I bought this ring. I do have one that’s similar but it’s a panther and it’s in silver, but I was so attracted to this ring right here. And, Gucci makes the same ring in silver for around 700$! So, I got it for way cheaper. My zodiac’s leo, and it’s gold so it’s perfect— leos are considered the sunshine of the zodiac. Not to brag, but yeah. (It was really difficult geting a picture of this, so you bet when I had some bomb shots like this, I had to post all)

The ring on my ring finger looks so similar to the crown on War Storm’s cover and I knew I had to get it. It shines so beautiful in the sun, like all the gray-black gems shine every color of the rainbow, it’s so stunning. It’s unlike any ring that I have. The other ring was something that i wanted for so long but I literally could not find it anywhere. It’s a two piece that has a small mid ring up and it’s very unique. The last one is just a similar one to the one I have in silver, which is just in antique version of it. I seriously cannot wait to wear these! ❤️

We walked and walked and roamed all through the end. For dinner we ended up going to KFC, after a long debate on burgers vs pizza. Pizza for life, but I guess we were feeling crispy fried chicken on a insanely cold night. Food was good, we had more coffee, more shopping then around 11:30, we left for our hotel. We did roam around for 6+ hours. It was fun. Loads.

Now was the time where I nearly died. Well, ok not died but pretty damn close. I’m no fan of winter, I absolutely hate it. It hate being cold and shiver-y and my hands and feet get blue because of the cold. So that should tell you about my dependency on warmth. I’m a cold blood. Half of my palm and my fingers got blue. I had to shove my hands into the heater to get rid of it. It was all our shitty hotel, that sucked. The place was nice and all but the heating was a big no-no, it was pathetic. I even wore two sweaters to bed and took two blankets, but I was still wheezing and out of breath all night. Couldn’t sleep, it was a total disaster. It was -3 at night, what’d you expect? And also, ended up having the worst flu ever and a bit of a fever. Nothing severe, thank god. I survived!

I definitely had a lot of fun but getting cold and sick was not fun at all. But, I did enjoy, it does still count. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating! ❤

Thank you for reading!! ❤ xx

How I grew six inches on my hair.

My hair was always naturally straight and very thick. But by the time I went through that phase when everyone stops giving a shit, yeah, I stopped giving a shit for my hair. That, in return caused extreme hairfall and the start of the worst thing anyone can experience; dandruff.

My once thick ponytail got thiner and thiner until I really got alarmed. My hair would come out whenever I would touch it, boom, gone. It was horrible, honestly. I started to realise that I was infact, so lazy that I didn’t rinse the shampoo out of my hair properly. That caused all the chemicals to stay inside my scalp and damge it slowly.

I started to grow more vary of my hair and then, I fully decided to take care of it. I vowed myself that I would oil my hair before every wash and limit my hair straightening routine. I didn’t straighten my hair for 10months until I started doing it for special occasions. But, that you can get away with. However, I feel like because of the winters now, i’m way too lazy and cold to let my hair air-day, but I blowdry on a minimal heat level.

Then, came the hair dye. I ombré-d my hair two years back and it really damaged my ends. However, slowly i’m going to cut it off. Until then, I have to deal with the ends and wait a bit more to have a haircut.

I had my hair cut to shoulder length last december which makes it exactly 11 months since I last cut it. Until now, i’ve grown about 4 1/2 to 5 inches on my hair. It’s been amazing honestly. I oiled my hair before every wash, religiously. I’ve used many hair oils and creams to revive some life back into them. I didn’t use a straightener all summer and spring (except sometimes, ofcourse), and I truly believe that’s what aided my hair growth.

I use Vatika’s Coconut oil because it has Castor Oil and Henna, which helps grow hair, volume and ensures smoothness. I feel like it’s amazing and I swear by it. Also, Pomace Olive oil is another excellent option, which I’m currently using these days. I also use the new Garnier shampoo, The Ultimate Blends Detox Shampoo. It’s for normal hair, has no silicones and smells of gree tea and other herbal plants. It leaves the hair really clean and ugh, I absolutely love the smell on it.

After I blowdry, I use the Herbal Essences MorrocanMe Miracle Oil. It has Argan and Moroccan oil with nourishes and restores the moisture in your hair. It again, smells amazing and makes your hair super soft. I use 1-2 pumps and it’s the ends not the roots. However, I do like to massage the roots with the reminding product.

After I’ve done my blow dry and some straightening, I use the L’Orèal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, it’s basically a cream for your hair. It’s specifically for dry hair but I usually use that on my ends also. It helps to straighten the hair for however long it lasts. My hair does not get frizzy when I use this.

Vatika Coconut Oil 225 RS / 1.75 US$

Garnier Shampoo: The Ultimate Blend Detox Shampoo 450 RS / 5.50 US$

Herbal Essences MoroccanMe Oil 500 RS / 4.75 US$

L’orèal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Creme 699 RS / 5.99 US$

PS: Looking back, I think my hair’s grown six inches… Yeah, six inches it is. Also my hair now is wavy, if you’re wondering.

Thankyou for reading!! ❤ x

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Self love: what we often forget.

In our everyday lives, we often forget about ourselves. Exams, work or any other commitment— we tend to neglect ourselves. We pressurise ourselves to the point where we become a machine, exhausted and tired of anyone and everything around us. I totally get the feeling. I have my last exam on Thursday and, honestly I’m counting down the days.

Days when i’ll chill around all day and enjoy my winter vacations. But even that thought scares me, the constant reminder that I have to study, have to do that assignment or doing anything that could stress me out. (Not just studies, lol) It’s not wrong to feel like you have to do something, but, having that feeling all the time isn’t exactly okay.

We need to let ourselves go sometimes. Self love isn’t always spending on yourself or having a day out. But if that’s what makes you happy, totally, go for it. Sometimes we just need to have a day off, for ourselves. Not because it’s relaxing, but we’re human and we need to relax once a while. Drink some coffee, read that book that you bought two months ago but never got the chance to read, spend time with your family, talk to friends. Do what makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Taking care of yourself should be your priority, no one else is going to do it for you. Always remember to take out some time for yourself, even if it’s just an hour. Distance yourself from things that stress you out. Stop eating chocolate daily because it breaks you out, and then later, you’ll feel horrible. Stop talking to toxic friends, they’ll only make you feel horrible about yourself.

Surround yourself with good energy and good people. Give love, be kind. Whatever you put out in the world is what comes back to you. Karma is a thing. It’s very real.

Sorry if this was short, but I have an exam on Thursday and currently having a panic attack about it. 🙂

Thankyou for reading!!! ❤ XXX

Simple glam.

I tried to half way close my eyes like Billie Eilish does, i might say that i can do it but it looks so unreal on her. It’s all because of the crystal blue eyes she has.

Moving on, i was so sick of studying and sitting around that I did a simple makeup look. I used moisturiser before I started just so my skin is smooth and I don’t have dry patches underneath. They look absolutely horrible, so if you have dry patches, moisturise. I used the makeup revolution concealer in c5, I don’t use it frequently but whenever I do, it reminds me how much I love it. It’s absolutely amazing, it’ll cover up your dark circles even if you didn’t sleep in two days. It’s that good.

I was feeling simple for my eyes so I went for a simple matt brown eye. I feel like brown on brown eyes looks very monotonous, but I didn’t feel like doing anything other than brown. I used the makeup revolution palette in Iconic Division. I got if from Daraz.pk for 900 RS / 6US$. It has lots of greens and oranges but I felt like brown was the easiest. I’ll definitely do a orange look in spring and a green one probably very soon.

I used the light brown shade in my crease, while packing the deeper brown all over my lid. Blended the edges and used the lash paradise for mascara. I wanted to do a winged liner but I dropped the idea because we were getting late to go to Ginyaki.

I used the Primark highlighter in 03 champagne, 3.99£ / 799 RS. Finished the lip with the Pixi liquid lipstick in Au Naturelle. I absolutely LOVE Pixi liquid lipsticks. They feel extremely comfortable and are pretty longlasting. I got it from Marks & Spencer for 14£ on Tati’s recommendation and I love them. I don’t know where to buy Pixi in Pakistan but I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more things from them. Although, I do have a highlighter from Pixi that i’m in love with.

I definitely loved how this turned out, it’s natural yet glam. I haven’t been consistent with my blogs these days and it’s all because of my mids, the last is on the 20th, I’ll definitely write more in the winter vacations.

Thank you so much for reading! Xx ❤️

my darling brother.

I remember I couldn’t see you when you were born, you were born before your time. You were supposed to be small but you were a footlong. You were everything my parents hoped you would be. I wanted to see you everyday, to hold your tiny hand, and to see your beautiful eyes; but I couldn’t.

I remember so vividly— I took off my shoes, sanitised my hands and wore gloves. Heavy footsteps towards my brother lying on an incubator.

For the first time I saw this precious little human, begging for air, a machine giving it to him. It made me realise the importance of the air we take for so granted. It made me realise how selfish I am, how ungrateful. As this little human, was grateful for everything that he had. Little breathes he took so heavily. My heart ached.

I think it might have been broken a little. I couldn’t describe the feeling. Someone I love, grasping for air. No, I did feel my heart breaking. It was all real.

I couldn’t stay much longer, it hurt. I was 12, he was 17 days old. I left him. My heart broke a little.

24 hours later, you’d gone to heaven. You were free from the machines giving you life, God had other plans for you. He took you from earth, and to the place of eternal happiness. My heart broke altogether, there wasn’t a piece intact.

Happy birthday little brother, you would’ve been six years old today.

All my love Led Zeppelin.


thankyou for reading ❤ xx

The forgotten beauty in our language.

This blog’s gonna be philosophical, so yeah. In times like these, where English is the universal language that every understands— other languages are getting grossly neglected. Including, mine.

I grew up watching English movies, cartoons and having an education; which primarily focuses on English. I’m ashamed to say i’m much better at english than in my own language. It isn’t something to boast, when you say “oh, i’m fluent in X language”, it doesn’t matter. Your language is your identity. And, somewhere along the way I grew out of touch.

I don’t know about other countries, but in South Asia, it’s a growing misconception that if you know English— you’re automatically more smart. It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you speak. Which is important, don’t get me wrong, but is also hypocritical. Bilingual people have two sides to themselves; it’s never the same with one.

More and more, i’m trying to get in touch with Urdu. Which is my language, it’s my mother tongue and i’m so proud of it. It’s such a simple and elegant language. Grateful to be bilingual. It’s easy to speak and it’s unique mixture of Arabic & Persian. I’m concentrating on my writing because that’s where I sometimes struggle, but just like English, I use similar techniques to get me through. I write my mom small notes just to get good.

It might seem weird to foreign readers but it’s pretty common in Pakistan. Hence, I wanted to revive the beauty that is my language. However, i’m part Kashmiri and I don’t know how to say a thing. Nor does my mom, so does that give me a margin? I hope so.

The note on my hand says: (roughly)

“We say other’s languages are beautiful, but we don’t know how beautiful ours is.”

PS: thankyou so much for the love on the previous post! Make up reviews are definitely what people like more. But that doesn’t stop me from doing the other things that I enjoy as much. Give me suggestions on what the next post should be!

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90’s Grunge makeup.

I’ve been so obsessed with decades I wasn’t born into: music, fashion, and makeup. I was listening to Nirvana when Diamonds Are Forever by Sabrina Carpenter started playing. It’s a super catchy song, i’d recommend listening to it.

Grunge makeup has always been so attractive to me. I’d never think I could pull it off, but.. i’m not mad at it. It’s basically playing with cool tones and adding a pop of color.

I basically wanted to do a cool toned brown and put some blue in the centre. That’s what I had in mind and that’s what I did. I used the Morphe 35W and Urban Decay x Gwen Stafani palette. I’m sorry if you’re expecting another palette than Morphe, but it’s affordable and I don’t really use eyeshadows on a daily, so it’s stupid to splurge.

Although, I might order me some Jeffree Star goodies. I’m so excited for that, fingers crossed. I primed my eyelids with the LA Girl Pro concealer in light beige. After that, I went with a light brown, blended that and straight to the cool tone. I took that all over my crease, and packed it on my lid. I used a hint of black to darken the outer corner.

For the lower lash, I did the same. Then, I took the blue shade, Danger from the Urban Decay x Gwen Stafani palette and put it in the inner corners and 25% on the lid. Took a pencil brush and dragged it along the lower lash. I wish I had silver glitter to make it pop, but I didn’t so.

Lash Paradise in Exactic by L’oreal. I feel like it smudges after 5-6 hours and also is really messy to apply. I’m not a fan, but it gives me crazy length.. i’m torn. I’m very much on the fence. Also, didn’t use a shit tone here, so it probably looks weird. Concealer was Makeup Revolution in C5, hands down, best concealer. I should’ve gotten C4, but.. all for the sake of making it work.

Used the Sephora Pro highlighting palette in Cool, in the shade Chromosphere. It definitely gives you amazing results when used with your fingers, i’d definitely recommend. Read it here!

Finished it off with, Huda Beauty’s liquid lipstick in Flirt. It’s a very cool toned brown and went amazing with the look. If one eye in the picture looks like it has nothing on, blame the iphone camera. Also, the sunlight.

I love doing cool toned makeup, and I’d definitely incorporate some. The necklace is H&M’s and i got it off a insta store, i’ll tag them in my post. I’m ready for a grunge concert.

I literally can’t thankyou enough for reading, it motivates me to write and the fact that people from all over the world are reading makes it so amazing! Thankyou so much! Xx ❤️

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