Murre blog: how I nearly died of frostbite.

Let me start this of by saying, I wish I was exaggerating.

We left for Murree by 8:30 which is pretty early and I’m glad I didn’t wake up at 6, as my dad said because I knew we would never, in a million years, leave at 6. It’s not a thing in my family to be punctual. Ever. For those of you who don’t know, Murree is a hill station that is completely magical. It has the most beautiful greenery and trees that are as old as, I don’t know, 300 years ago. It’s an hour and half drive from where I live, Islamabad.

Let me tell you a little story about Murree. When the British came to India, they used to love Murree. Many used to live there because they loved the mountains and the weather. The weather is extremely cold in the winters and heavenly warm and breezy in the summers. The summer weather in Murree is literally my favorite. You don’t sweat, and the warm sun on your face is just, heavenly, to say the least. So, it has some churches and it’s still a very loved tourist spot. And, of course I love it too.

We reached around 11, the sun was shining but the winds made the chill extremely known. If there were no winds, I’d say the daytime was ok. But, it was chilly and very very cold in the day too. We went to our rooms which unfortunately had no efficient heating system so I stood infront of a old used up electric heater. Which is meant to burn your legs after 2 minutes of standing infront of it. But nope, it was absolutely useless and five minutes in, I was already freezing. I bugged my dad to give me a spare sweater of his because I was freezing, that did.. well let’s say it didn’t suck all together.

We then went to Chinar Golf club for some food, which is ohmygod. The most beautiful place ever, like I have no words. It’s a golf course and it’s astonishing. Tall pine trees overlooking the mountains, which I believe are the Himalayas, I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure it’s not Kashmir. When the sun hits the trees from across the mountains, it almost looks gold. It’s like the unintentional live version of Stairway to Heaven, all that glitters should be gold. It’s all that comes into my mind when I see that. I feel like more and more people need to come and see Pakistan, because it’s absolutely beautiful. Yes, it definitely needs work in maintenance and basic somethings, but apart from that, it should be on your list.

Had some food and drank some coffee while taking in the view. Read the 3rd part in the Red Queen series, King’s Cage. Let me tell you this, I cried at the end because I was shook and I can’t even wait to read the final part. I already have it with me and I’m on chapter five as of now. I’ll write a review after I’m done, but I’m so excited ohmygod. The caramel latte I had was everything. We strolled and took loads of pictures because the place deserved a lot of love and I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take pictures in such a heavenly place.

Then, we went to the Mall, it’s just a street that has a load of shops that sell local specialities and everything in between. I bought so many rings that I love and two boxes that look like small Tiffany boxes. I also, bought a ring that looks the crown on the cover of War Storm. Maybe, I’ll find my Cal too, hahah just kidding. I don’t need one now, but yes please for the future.

I aslo got these super cute Kashmiri earrings that I love! I haven’t worn earrings like this ever, so i’m very excited to wear them at the next wedding.

This gray cloudy ring reminds me of something Maven would give Mare, (strong Red Queen vibes), before he went loco. Also, it’s super unique. The other one is just a simple band, which i’m in love with. It’s very elegant and cute. The last one on my thumb is just a interwoven silver pattern.

I got this lion ring that I was absolutely blown by, it was so stunning and I just had to. Also, because i’m leo, is the main reason I bought this ring. I do have one that’s similar but it’s a panther and it’s in silver, but I was so attracted to this ring right here. And, Gucci makes the same ring in silver for around 700$! So, I got it for way cheaper. My zodiac’s leo, and it’s gold so it’s perfect— leos are considered the sunshine of the zodiac. Not to brag, but yeah. (It was really difficult geting a picture of this, so you bet when I had some bomb shots like this, I had to post all)

The ring on my ring finger looks so similar to the crown on War Storm’s cover and I knew I had to get it. It shines so beautiful in the sun, like all the gray-black gems shine every color of the rainbow, it’s so stunning. It’s unlike any ring that I have. The other ring was something that i wanted for so long but I literally could not find it anywhere. It’s a two piece that has a small mid ring up and it’s very unique. The last one is just a similar one to the one I have in silver, which is just in antique version of it. I seriously cannot wait to wear these! ❤️

We walked and walked and roamed all through the end. For dinner we ended up going to KFC, after a long debate on burgers vs pizza. Pizza for life, but I guess we were feeling crispy fried chicken on a insanely cold night. Food was good, we had more coffee, more shopping then around 11:30, we left for our hotel. We did roam around for 6+ hours. It was fun. Loads.

Now was the time where I nearly died. Well, ok not died but pretty damn close. I’m no fan of winter, I absolutely hate it. It hate being cold and shiver-y and my hands and feet get blue because of the cold. So that should tell you about my dependency on warmth. I’m a cold blood. Half of my palm and my fingers got blue. I had to shove my hands into the heater to get rid of it. It was all our shitty hotel, that sucked. The place was nice and all but the heating was a big no-no, it was pathetic. I even wore two sweaters to bed and took two blankets, but I was still wheezing and out of breath all night. Couldn’t sleep, it was a total disaster. It was -3 at night, what’d you expect? And also, ended up having the worst flu ever and a bit of a fever. Nothing severe, thank god. I survived!

I definitely had a lot of fun but getting cold and sick was not fun at all. But, I did enjoy, it does still count. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating! ❤

Thank you for reading!! ❤ xx


Self love: what we often forget.

In our everyday lives, we often forget about ourselves. Exams, work or any other commitment— we tend to neglect ourselves. We pressurise ourselves to the point where we become a machine, exhausted and tired of anyone and everything around us. I totally get the feeling. I have my last exam on Thursday and, honestly I’m counting down the days.

Days when i’ll chill around all day and enjoy my winter vacations. But even that thought scares me, the constant reminder that I have to study, have to do that assignment or doing anything that could stress me out. (Not just studies, lol) It’s not wrong to feel like you have to do something, but, having that feeling all the time isn’t exactly okay.

We need to let ourselves go sometimes. Self love isn’t always spending on yourself or having a day out. But if that’s what makes you happy, totally, go for it. Sometimes we just need to have a day off, for ourselves. Not because it’s relaxing, but we’re human and we need to relax once a while. Drink some coffee, read that book that you bought two months ago but never got the chance to read, spend time with your family, talk to friends. Do what makes you feel peaceful and relaxed.

Taking care of yourself should be your priority, no one else is going to do it for you. Always remember to take out some time for yourself, even if it’s just an hour. Distance yourself from things that stress you out. Stop eating chocolate daily because it breaks you out, and then later, you’ll feel horrible. Stop talking to toxic friends, they’ll only make you feel horrible about yourself.

Surround yourself with good energy and good people. Give love, be kind. Whatever you put out in the world is what comes back to you. Karma is a thing. It’s very real.

Sorry if this was short, but I have an exam on Thursday and currently having a panic attack about it. 🙂

Thankyou for reading!!! ❤ XXX