My reaction: Lost In Japan Shawn Mendes (Zedd Remix)

My Reaction..Zedd Remix

I’ve been listening to snippets of the Zedd Remix all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. Originally, I was very exited about the song that they were going to do, which I thought would be an original song and not a remix. However, when I found out it was a Lost In Japan remix I completely flipped out. I absolutely love the original version of the song. It has soft beats and a fun rhythm to it, Shawn’s voice is amazing as always. If you haven’t listened to either, I strongly recommend listening to it, man I was bopping my head so much I thought I had a neck injury. It’s sweet and overall just has a very lovey-dovey vibe to it.

BUT, the Zedd remix is a COMPLETELY different story. The beats are extremely over powering and he auto tunes Shawn’s voice as if, God forbid he destroyed his vocal chords. Ahem, ahem, Post Malone. It also adds the signature beat that Zedd has in all his songs. I mean, I’ve got nothing against listening to Techo or EDM but.. it does not sit well with Shawn’s voice. It adds too much to the actual beat of the song, and well, it’s doing the utmost.

So, I never thought I’d say this but, I absoutely hated the Remix. The song is beautiful on it’s own, so listen to that over this trash. I’m so sorry Shawn, but babe this was rough. Were you drunk when you approved this?

No offence to any of the extremely defensive fans out there, chill. I’m just being honest. You’ll see what I’m talking about..

But, please go listen to the original version, you won’t be disappointed! ❤

 The Originalimage1 (1)



    • Definitely, the original is a piece of ART. And it’s actually sad that he’s getting all the love on the remix when the original one deserves that. But like, he’s getting more recognition: that’s a good thing. 😂❤️


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