The forgotten beauty in our language.

This blog’s gonna be philosophical, so yeah. In times like these, where English is the universal language that every understands— other languages are getting grossly neglected. Including, mine.

I grew up watching English movies, cartoons and having an education; which primarily focuses on English. I’m ashamed to say i’m much better at english than in my own language. It isn’t something to boast, when you say “oh, i’m fluent in X language”, it doesn’t matter. Your language is your identity. And, somewhere along the way I grew out of touch.

I don’t know about other countries, but in South Asia, it’s a growing misconception that if you know English— you’re automatically more smart. It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you speak. Which is important, don’t get me wrong, but is also hypocritical. Bilingual people have two sides to themselves; it’s never the same with one.

More and more, i’m trying to get in touch with Urdu. Which is my language, it’s my mother tongue and i’m so proud of it. It’s such a simple and elegant language. Grateful to be bilingual. It’s easy to speak and it’s unique mixture of Arabic & Persian. I’m concentrating on my writing because that’s where I sometimes struggle, but just like English, I use similar techniques to get me through. I write my mom small notes just to get good.

It might seem weird to foreign readers but it’s pretty common in Pakistan. Hence, I wanted to revive the beauty that is my language. However, i’m part Kashmiri and I don’t know how to say a thing. Nor does my mom, so does that give me a margin? I hope so.

The note on my hand says: (roughly)

“We say other’s languages are beautiful, but we don’t know how beautiful ours is.”

PS: thankyou so much for the love on the previous post! Make up reviews are definitely what people like more. But that doesn’t stop me from doing the other things that I enjoy as much. Give me suggestions on what the next post should be!

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Thankyou for reading and supporting! Xx ❤️


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