Top 10 favourites of 2018.

2018 was one hell of a year. I travelled to a new country, started my blog, got the result I wanted, started university, made new friends, etc. So, in a nutshell, it’s been a good year and a ok year. All at the same time. But, I doubt anyone wants to hear any mushy stuff, nor am I going to write it.

For the longest time, I didn’t wear foundation. I downright despised it. I’ve always had this thing in the back of my head that was like I’m going to breakout whenever I apply foundation. Because of this very reason, I’ve never wanted to apply it. But, the thing is, when you remove it carefully it’s not going to break you out. So, back last year, I gifted my mom the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless. It turns out that as I bought it online, the shade I guessed for my mom was actually a shade darker for her, and she always wears her spot-on shade, which is something I do too. So, she wore it a few days back and told me that it looks darker on her and I should try it. I was kinda skeptical, because I didn’t want to look like a fool, but atleast I tried it. I’m so glad I did. As soon as I applied it, I literally fell in love with it. Not only was it the right formula, the right coverage, but it was exactly my shade! It wears beautifully, and its a medium buildable coverage and I’m obsessed with it. However, this does not mean I’m wearing a foundation everytime I do make-up. The shade is Montblanc and retails for 49.99$. (steep, I know)

Next is something which is probably the most unique jewellery item I own. I bought it from Istanbul back in January. The stone is called zultanite and it changes color, in every different light, literally. It goes purple pink in the sun, green is dim yellow lighting and peach is normal lighting, blueish-green-brown is some sorts of lighting, red in neon flourescent lighting and so on. It comes with earrings, necklace and a ring, it’s in silver. My dad gifted me this so listing the price seems weird. But, if you buy it from Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, you can get it around 30 – 50$. Mine was a bit more expensive because I bought it from a shop but my mom liked the making so we just bought it. Although, she got hers from Grand Bazaar a day before.

When I heard Balmain were doing a collaboration with Loreal, I absolutely panicked and wanted to pick up everything. The packaging seemed amazing and even the ad campaign was very runway-esque. So, when I went to UK, for my cousin’s wedding, I picked up the Loreal x Balmain lipstick in Fever. It has a emerald green component and the packaging looks expensive. The color is sort of a burnt orange while also, being somewhat terracotta. It’s beautiful. I wanted to buy more shades, but I’m glad I didn’t. Not because I didn’t like it, but when you’ve got the same thing in excess, it sort of loses value. I good it from Boots for 13.99£

Next are my books, I didn’t read for the majority of 2018, and I didn’t start until the last week of November. I started with the Red Queen series which I’ve had since 2015, but I never actually read it. So I finished the Red Queen series and now, I’m on the last book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. So, in total I’ve read 6 books in the last month. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The next book I’m going to read is the Shatter Me series by Tahera Mafi. I’m so excited! I’ve also ordered six more books from Readings just because I’m going to read so much in 2019, I hope so. Fingers crossed.

I got my first Kat Von D lipstick last year from Saudia Arabia but I never used it as much as I do now. The shade I got was Lolita and it works with every single look. It’s a nude brown pink and I have no idea how to describe it but I love it. The only thing is that it doesn’t wear as well as I want it to, which is a bummer. But, I still love the shade and every drawn the gothic-y packaging. I got it from Sephora for 100SAR, which is approximately 26$.

Jeffree Star skin frost highlighter. Let me tell you, you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t have a JSC highlighter. It’s absolute magic. And, hands down, the best highlighter. It has a huuuge pan that comes with a huge mirror and you can see the glow from Mars. Not kidding. It wears beautifully and you need to get one if you still don’t have one. I know he’s a controversial person, but all things aside, he makes the best highlighters. Although the shade I got, so fucking gold is way too dark for me, but I make it work because I love it and I couldn’t get the lighter shade because it was sold out. I got it for 4600RS, when I ordered it from a page on Facebook. (Don’t worry, it’s real, I checked) but on the JSC website it retails for 25$.

SHAWN MENDES FRAGRANCE. I could literally go on and on and on about this. Well, besides that it’s made by someone who I absolutely love, it also smells pretty damn good. The smell is kinda floral but also woodsy ish at the same time. I’m no expert on the top and bottom notes stuff, but it wears off extremely good. I wore it on my birthday for the first time. Which is also, not to brag but brag, his birthday also. It wore pretty good and I love it. I ordered it from Boots, and 100ml was for 41£, which I got. Also, my dad gifted me this, and I absolutely freaked out when I saw it and was completely floored. It was magic, ok?

The Sleek highlighter palette in Solstice. I also have the Cleopetra’s Kiss which is very good and gold, but I love the Solstice one a tiny bit more. It has four shades, one creme and three powders, including a purple highlight. Which is pretty cool, btw. It goes on extremely blinding and I can’t say enough about it. I got it from Boots Cardiff for 9.99£.

Morphe x Kathleen Lights palette. I love Kathleen and I also own the color pop collab that she has, although I wanted to pick up Dream Street and the Zodiac palette but I was too broke. And in all honesty, did not need more eyeshadow. I took it to UK with me and used it on my cousin’s wedding day and the function the next day. Sort of holds a special place, I guess. The colors are beautiful and blend beautifully, definitely my most used palette and a favorite of mine. 15$ but I got it for 3000RS / 24$.

Rings. I’ve lately been wearing rings and I’m totally obsessed with them. I don’t leave the house until I have rings on, it’s become a huge addiction. I think they’re a part of who I am now. I own many and I’ve just organized them in my drawer and I could be more proud of myself. I think I’ve collected more than 20 rings in the past four months or maybe five. I have a preference for silver rings because they look more unique to me and in general, more appealing.

It’s been a good year and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned to put myself first because no ones going to do that for me and stand up for myself in situations where I need to. Let go of something or someone because they’re not right me for me. 2019, please be good. Happy new year!

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Simple glam.

I tried to half way close my eyes like Billie Eilish does, i might say that i can do it but it looks so unreal on her. It’s all because of the crystal blue eyes she has.

Moving on, i was so sick of studying and sitting around that I did a simple makeup look. I used moisturiser before I started just so my skin is smooth and I don’t have dry patches underneath. They look absolutely horrible, so if you have dry patches, moisturise. I used the makeup revolution concealer in c5, I don’t use it frequently but whenever I do, it reminds me how much I love it. It’s absolutely amazing, it’ll cover up your dark circles even if you didn’t sleep in two days. It’s that good.

I was feeling simple for my eyes so I went for a simple matt brown eye. I feel like brown on brown eyes looks very monotonous, but I didn’t feel like doing anything other than brown. I used the makeup revolution palette in Iconic Division. I got if from for 900 RS / 6US$. It has lots of greens and oranges but I felt like brown was the easiest. I’ll definitely do a orange look in spring and a green one probably very soon.

I used the light brown shade in my crease, while packing the deeper brown all over my lid. Blended the edges and used the lash paradise for mascara. I wanted to do a winged liner but I dropped the idea because we were getting late to go to Ginyaki.

I used the Primark highlighter in 03 champagne, 3.99£ / 799 RS. Finished the lip with the Pixi liquid lipstick in Au Naturelle. I absolutely LOVE Pixi liquid lipsticks. They feel extremely comfortable and are pretty longlasting. I got it from Marks & Spencer for 14£ on Tati’s recommendation and I love them. I don’t know where to buy Pixi in Pakistan but I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more things from them. Although, I do have a highlighter from Pixi that i’m in love with.

I definitely loved how this turned out, it’s natural yet glam. I haven’t been consistent with my blogs these days and it’s all because of my mids, the last is on the 20th, I’ll definitely write more in the winter vacations.

Thank you so much for reading! Xx ❤️

90’s Grunge makeup.

I’ve been so obsessed with decades I wasn’t born into: music, fashion, and makeup. I was listening to Nirvana when Diamonds Are Forever by Sabrina Carpenter started playing. It’s a super catchy song, i’d recommend listening to it.

Grunge makeup has always been so attractive to me. I’d never think I could pull it off, but.. i’m not mad at it. It’s basically playing with cool tones and adding a pop of color.

I basically wanted to do a cool toned brown and put some blue in the centre. That’s what I had in mind and that’s what I did. I used the Morphe 35W and Urban Decay x Gwen Stafani palette. I’m sorry if you’re expecting another palette than Morphe, but it’s affordable and I don’t really use eyeshadows on a daily, so it’s stupid to splurge.

Although, I might order me some Jeffree Star goodies. I’m so excited for that, fingers crossed. I primed my eyelids with the LA Girl Pro concealer in light beige. After that, I went with a light brown, blended that and straight to the cool tone. I took that all over my crease, and packed it on my lid. I used a hint of black to darken the outer corner.

For the lower lash, I did the same. Then, I took the blue shade, Danger from the Urban Decay x Gwen Stafani palette and put it in the inner corners and 25% on the lid. Took a pencil brush and dragged it along the lower lash. I wish I had silver glitter to make it pop, but I didn’t so.

Lash Paradise in Exactic by L’oreal. I feel like it smudges after 5-6 hours and also is really messy to apply. I’m not a fan, but it gives me crazy length.. i’m torn. I’m very much on the fence. Also, didn’t use a shit tone here, so it probably looks weird. Concealer was Makeup Revolution in C5, hands down, best concealer. I should’ve gotten C4, but.. all for the sake of making it work.

Used the Sephora Pro highlighting palette in Cool, in the shade Chromosphere. It definitely gives you amazing results when used with your fingers, i’d definitely recommend. Read it here!

Finished it off with, Huda Beauty’s liquid lipstick in Flirt. It’s a very cool toned brown and went amazing with the look. If one eye in the picture looks like it has nothing on, blame the iphone camera. Also, the sunlight.

I love doing cool toned makeup, and I’d definitely incorporate some. The necklace is H&M’s and i got it off a insta store, i’ll tag them in my post. I’m ready for a grunge concert.

I literally can’t thankyou enough for reading, it motivates me to write and the fact that people from all over the world are reading makes it so amazing! Thankyou so much! Xx ❤️

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Sephora PRO highlighter: worth it or nah?

Recently I bought another highlight. Highlighter is hands down, my favourite. I probably don’t need as many as I own, but I’m telling you, highlighter addiction is real. The glow is no joke.

As I saw it, I was completely sold. I didn’t even bother to check the inside or look at how blinding it was. The packaging made me bought it, honestly. It’s holo and it’s crazy mesmerising. I stare and play with it all the time.

The formula is a gel/creme. It has five shades and are all cool. I bought the cool toned palette because the warm was dark for me and I don’t have that many cool highlights anyways. All the more reason to buy. The shades range from clear gel, natural finish and a somewhat blinding highlight.

You can definitely lay down the gel, and then put on a powder to blind everyone in your surroundings and also the aliens on Venus. However, I didn’t use the powder on top. I was feeling natural today. Well, sort of. I started with my real techniques highlighter brush and applied the shade, chromosphere and topped it off with the clear lunar glaze.

I used the brush but I feel like fingers would work best. If you’re into super natural highlights, this is the shit for you. Highly recommend. 8/10.

But if you like blinding highlights like me, this is a cool thing to lay down and then layer with a powder. In either cases, it’s pretty good. I don’t wear foundation so it didn’t make me oily or something; but if you wear foundation on a regular, this might not be for you. If you’re like me and wear no foundation whatsoever, this is great too. And also works when you’re going for the no makeup makeup look.

It retails for 3000 RS / 29 US$. But it won’t be expensive when you buy directly from Sephora. But, because we don’t have a Sephora in Pakistan, every high end brand seems luxury. This isn’t expensive and you do get five highlighters.. so I guess it’s not bad at all. And.. I mean the packaging. *heart eyes*

I don’t know about you, but I’m swooning.

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My one hour speed shopping & Friday’s music.

I actually had little to no intention of buying all the stuff that I bought. It’s completely unwarranted for and, what the hell am I going to do with this much stuff. Honestly, sometimes I think I shouldn’t buy this much, because it isn’t nice to do so. However, I’m all heart eyes when I see something I like. So, am I really to blame? It’s all impulses I tell you.

I dragged my Mom with me to the mall so I could check out Body Shop’s winter sale. I swear I couldn’t find anything, and trust me when I tell you this, I can find gems from a trash can. But I guess that’s what was left in that sale and I did go the last day so I can’t really be mad. We walked on over to Accessorize and I thought, ‘I won’t buy anything but there’s no harm in looking. Boy, was I wrong. There were a couple of things that caught my eye and I managed to buy two.

The rose gold necklace is a layered one and sort of reminds me of the one my aunt wears, in the best way possible. I was looking for something simple but which was still my style. I feel like like hoops are such a statement that you can’t actually go wrong with it. Its very mid 2000’s but are still very chic. These ones are kind of twisted and are silver.

We then roamed around a few more clothes shops, because I had to get my Halloween outfit. Sadly, there is no formal Halloween celebration in Pakistan, but I wish there was. SO this year, I decided to throw a Halloween party of my own. Me, my friends, cousins, it’s going to be a blast, I hope. But, I couldn’t find the shirt I wanted anywhere so I decided to get it made. I’m so exited for the party and dress up as someone I love, it’s also sort of sad because I’ll have to tell everywhere who I am, maybe some will know who knows. I hope someone knows.

My mom was tired and she wanted to go home but I was out of mascara so I took her to Hyperstar. Which, is the worst place you can go if you’re just window shopping. You can never leave empty handed out of that place. I ended up buying the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Exactic. I’ve heard so many great things and I was willing to give it a chance. So, hear me out, I was leaving the L’Oreal counter when this really pretty nude lipstick caught my eye, the packaging was red marble and it was ugh, so cute. It is, 630 Beige A Nu, which is I’m guessing french because it has ‘Cannes’ written over the tube. Both were for 1999RS / 17 US$.

Once again, I was leaving. But I decided to throw in the Garnier Hydra Bomb masks. Let me tell you, if you’re a budget queen like me, you’ll love these. I got one in the super hydrating and replenishing with pomegranate extract. I’ve tried this twice now and I can really see a difference. And, in my defense I needed skin care because my skin is super shitty these days. I also got the under eye Hydra Bomb, because of university, i’ve got a shit ton to do and that messes with my sleep sometimes. It’s has orange juice and hyaluronic acid which makes your skin plump and if I’m not wrong, defies ageing too.

Also, picked up the L’oreal Hydra fresh anti shine cream. Winters. It has an icy gel texture and it purifies and mattifies. I don’t need much mattifying because my skin is normal, but I do get oily at the end of the day. It is the deep clean source water, and it just sounds right up my skin care alley.

Then we just went to check out and called it a night. Trust me when I say it was late. I managed this all in an hour if I’m going to be precise, this is my one hour speed shopping.

I’m currently listening to Khalid’s new EP Suncity, for literally the thousandth time. It’s so good, it’s pure RnB except for a song or two. I mean, this EP is pure magic. Every song is soulful and filled with the utmost emotion. Khalid’s motion and vocals are so much more clear and filled compared to the American Teen album. This is truly the start of an era, and I truly wish it was a full length album, because it deserves all the love. My favourites were: Vertigo, Motion, and everything else. Give it a listen, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Khalid Suncity

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Eye of the Storm Halloween makeup.

This look is heavily inspired by James Charles. If you don’t know who he is, are you living under a rock? I feel like everyone knows about him, and even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen sarcastically inappropriate comments under your favorite male celebrity. I know I have. He did this look last year I guess and Jeffree Star recreated it on his channel, and I knew I wanted to do it. James’ look is more blue and looks kind of sweet. The look I went for is more black.

I did this look at 11pm and I was tired but mentally, I was so ready for it. It took me nearly 25 mins to do this, which is a lot but I really enjoyed the process.

It’s like an angry night sky with lightning. I used Urban Decay’s Blackout eye shadow all over my eye region while sketching out the boundary on where I want it to end. I used the Essence black liner for that. I used my favorite concealer ever, Makeup Revolution in C5 underneath my eyes, to make sure that the black goes on smooth and without any patchiness. I started filling in the spaces with black, and once that was done, I went over with some cobalt blue to give some dimension and make it resemble more like the night. I then took the NYX pigment in 24, which is teal with a gold reflex. The gold doesn’t show up that much and I used that as my highlight.

For the lightning I used the Essence liner in white and drew lightning over my face. I wish I did the white liquid liner to make it look more real but, I had to make shift. I ended up looking grey over all the face with the white, but I went over it for a second time to make it look more cohesive. I completed the eyes with black kohl by L’Oréal in my waterline.

I’m literally out of mascara and I’m also broke at the moment, so I have to make shift with my current mascara which is, Volume Million Lashes in Fatale by L’Oréal. It has a tiny brush that grabs on to every lash. It doesn’t give volume like crazy but you can always build that up in layers. I’ll definitely be buying the Lash Paradise next, I’ve heard so many great things about it.

I used a Maybelline lipstick in 625 Iced Caramel. This is my favorite nude ever, it’s the right amount of brown and pink mixed together. I topped it off with a random clear gloss that I have lying around for eons.

I actually regret not doing this in the day because I needed the sun to sort of, boost the look, but I guess whatever. You can tell I struggled with the picture because I took 20 different and ended up being ok with two of them. I might not even post the other but, hahaha, just saying.

It’s a short one but thank you so much for loving my previous blog. I’ve never shown any one what I write except my best friends, and posting it was such a nerve wreck for me. I hope you loved it and I’m definitely going to post more because I feel like there different for me to do and unique to read. I hope you like the look and thank you for reading! X ❤

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Getting Wedding ready in 20 minutes?

Yeah, 20 minutes. My mom told me I had to get ready in under 20 minutes if I wanted to go to the wedding. Well, let me tell you this, I didn’t have a choice. And, if you think you have one when your parents tell you go to somewhere with them; you have no choice. My mom always blackmails me when she wants me to go with her, literally. As of this moment, she’s also bugging me. Well, all love to you mom.

I hurriedly grabbed my black net dress which my mom actually had made for me, it fits nice and when in doubt, go black. Honestly, saves so much time and effort instead of standing and thinking, “hmm, what should I wear,” and it’ll save you the constant change of mind. Put on black tights, sprayed my mom’s Ange ou Demon by Givenchy and wore my black suede heels from Clarke’s. (They retail for £70 and I got them in December 2017)

I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do my makeup in such a less time because 5 minutes were already dust. I washed my face like a crazy person but also kept in mind not to mess up my hair. I grabbed my Makeup Revolution concealer in C5 which is absolutely bomb and has coverage for days. Because I don’t wear foundation, I love a good coverage concealer. I have little blue-greenish veins underneath my eyes, so I want to cover them up. It does such a spectacular job at that, it’s insane. It’s not Jeffree Star approved for no reason. Get it if you haven’t. It retails for 950RS / 7.50 US$ and I got it from Love the variety and stuff they have there, so check it out!

Used my trusty Morphe 35W palette for my eyes. I wasn’t gonna go anything special to my eyes, but I guess I got carried away. I took the bright orange in my crease and deepened it with a deeper brown with a hint of black while dragging that out. To give the eye an almond shape, which I guess is my shape originally, but whatever. I was eager to use the copper shade on my eyes because I was gravitated towards it. Used the exact same colors on my lower lash to give it a bit of cohesiveness. L’Oréal mascara in False Lash X Fiber which is dual ended, I like it because it gives volume and the other side also separates the lashes. The look felt kind of complete but not really so I added the L’Oréal eye kohl in black.

Lightly filled in my eye brows with the Soap and Glory Archery pencil in Medium Brown. I don’t like all the instagram brows thing, but if that’s your thing then good enough. I’m not judging. For my highlight I used, the Primark highlight in champagne, (3£ / 600RS) it’s sorta dark for me but I can make it work. Finished off with Kiko liquid lipstick in 103 (7£ / 1100RS) and topped it off with the clear gloss it comes with. If you haven’t tried Kiko or Kiko’s liquid lipsticks, you need to! There so affordable and last like crazy. Literally had to use a whole makeup wipe to remove it.

If you’re wondering if I really did this in 20mins, I actually did. I also had time for a mini photo shoot too, so I actually succeeded in doing everything. The wedding was pretty freakin’ awesome because I unexpectedly met my best friend which was absolutely amazing. We talked and laughed for hours and literally hugged three times before leaving. The food was nice and overall, it was a good vibe. It was a nice end to my already amazing Saturday. By the way, the choker in the picture is from Peacock.

Thank you so much for the love and support on the last blogs, my heart is exploding. I didn’t even know if anyone except my friends would read it, but yeah, thank you for supporting me. And, if you don’t like or want to tell me how to make it better, I’m happy to listen. X ❤

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What I bought after shopping for 13 hours.

After a crazy weekend in Lahore, I’m finally home and after all the Monday drama, I’m free to write about my weekend fiasco. Before I start, Lahore, you were absolutely amazing and I love you so much.

So, I didn’t actually shop for 13 hours in a stretch, while that could be something I’d be eager to experience. I shopped for 3 hours on Friday and 10 ish hours on Saturday. For my shopping, I went to Packages Mall, which I had never been to. Because this dummy went to Lahore after two years. I have no idea how it has been that long but, yeah it has been. If you haven’t been to Packages as of yet, you need to go there ASAP.

So on Friday night, I went to Packages at like 9pm. I spent the day writing the previous blog, for that: thank you for reading. ❤ And mainly spent time lounging and relaxing in gymkhana. The first shop we rushed into was Miniso. I feel like it’s a new hip thing to do and whenever you go into shop you always have to buy something. It’s like an impulse, put that in, ooh I like that, that’s cute— sort of thing. I ended up spending 2500 RS / 23 US$.

I bought an Aloe Vera moisture toner, which aloe is great for your skin. If you’re skin is burnt due to, sunburn or excessive use of exfoliation— this is the thing for you. Being the dummy that I am, I used an exfoliated twice in a row and that resulted in me having the most worst skin time of my life. I’ve never had skin problems thank God. But, that shit truly gave me a heart attack. I couldn’t even wash my face without it stinging like hell. So I ordered the CoNatural Aloe Healing Gel, and let me tell you this, it is magic. It fixed my skin in like 3 days of consistent use. So, I wanted to give the Aloe toner a chance.

Olive Oil for Hyderation and Moisture. I don’t exactly know if you’re supposed to put it on your face but I put it on my face. My checks get very dry in winters but stays normal throughout the year. I use it for my hands and on my face. Also got cotton squares for these, they were also super inexpensive.

A hair drying towel and a satin shower cap. Because you don’t wash your hair everyday, that’s just wrong. If you do, please don’t, you’re slowly killing and damaging it. Hair care is extremely essential and it’s something so many people sleep on. I’ll definitely do a hair routine, because there is one I follow religiously.

Daisy moisturizing facial spray and a rose spray along with the Hydrolat Orange Blossom sheet masks. I’ve used the sheet masks before and I honestly love them! They work great and you get three for 250RS / 1.50US$. It’s a steal at that price.

Next shop I went to was Inglot. I actually forced my mom to go with me because I wanted to see the Jennifer Lopez collection. I’ve seen pictures from her shoot and, I’m just floored every time I see JLo. Like, how is she 48 and still flawless? Honestly, God I see what you do for other people. Is watched the highlighters and the red and the nude lipstick. I loved the highlight so much that I ended buying it, oops. I bought the J201 in Radiate. It was the one that went perfectly with my skin tone and it’s so glittery I love it so much. I somehow convinced my Mom to split the money with me for it and she agreed! So yeah, we ended up splitting the money and I got it for 2450 RS / 22.50 US$. Spoiler: it’s absolutely blinding. Also, wore it for 8hours+ on the next day.


Woke up at 12, slept at 2am. Good morning. The grind starts again, by that I mean more shopping, hahaha. Went to Emporium this time. I like the overall vibe but I definitely prefer Packages to it. I went to Nishat and liked a couple of shirts but didn’t end up buying it. I feel like Nishat used to be so good 3 years ago that I only used to buy clothes from there, but lately it’s like… meh. Trying to stay relevant. There are some nice pieces which I really like but, the majority isn’t the greatest. I hope they’d hire a new designer and shit.

Went to Khaadi and saw this absolutely gorgeous white linen shirt. The fabric was really one of a kind, the design was nice and of course, the stitching. It was only 2000 RS / 18 US$ and I was sold that very moment. I tried it on and it looked equally as nice so I got it. If you see this in stores, give it a try and buy it if you want to!

Also, got a blue night suit from Diner’s, which was eventually too stiff for and I ended up giving that to my mom. I really love my unimpressive night clothes. What can I say, comfort over style when you’re sleeping is my rule 101.

Rushed to Packages to go to Accessorize, I was so disappointed like…?? Why even bother? They had a 50% sale which was literally on like 2racks. The most weird looking bag packs and weird jewelry.. why? I rushed out just like I rushed in, in a blink of an eye. After dinner, we went to Hyperstar.

Mind you at this point, it’s already like 7 hours spent in malls, and we’re walking into another.

11:30— Got a red storage box for storing extra stuff or my extra makeup that doesn’t fit into my drawer.. I should hoard less… Also got a pack of three red facial towers because I love to take care of my skin. I’m negligent at most times but once a week, I really treat myself to it. Got a California Republic navy hoodie which I really like and it’s really warm too, also wearing it in the picture! All of this stuff was under 1500RS / 13 US$, maybe even less.


Got up at 8 had had like 7 pancakes drenched in pancake syrup. So like before you judge me, they were small sized and around the size of your palm probably. And, we’ve all been there before. Rushed to Readings at 10 because it’s tradition to go to Lahore and go buy books. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and I want to get back to the stories. I was exited to go and as usual, spent a lot of time deciding what I want because I’m truly over the romance stuff, unless it’s real good ofcourse. So if you’ve got murder mystery suggestions or like other unique genres, tell me.

I got Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. It really caught my eye and I’ve started reading it, it’s quite different and a good mystery so far.

Shatter Me by Tahera Mafi, because my friend told me about it like three years ago and I could never find it in stores anywhere. I remember she used to speak so highly of it, so when I saw it, I immediately put it in.

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff, I was actually leaving for checkout but came across the history section. If you know me, you know I’m a history freak, I find that stuff extremely interesting and I really wish I was born in the 16th century. Hmm, if only.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. The story from the back seemed extremely interesting and I was very intrigued to buy it. Also she wrote Divergent, which was an absolute hit and I remember everyone reading that back in 2013.

That sums up my weekend in Lahore, and again thank you so much for reading I hope you all like the stuff I write about. And, of course if you want to critique me on something, or tell me what to blog about, I’d be more than happy to listen to it. Once again, thank you for reading and supporting me. ❤

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How I style my clothes.

If I have a rule, no. 1 is black jeans. I literally own eleven pairs, and wear them everyday. They’re plain and they go with literally everything. If some people are wondering to wash their jeans or not, the answer is— WASH IT! Not only is it hygienic but it also keeps it in shape. I have absolutely no idea how some people don’t was their jeans.. ew.

Also, I like to wear solid colors or keep it monochrome; but sadly I can almost never get anything nice in that catagory. I definitely have some pieces I love, but majority are just items I like otherwise. The thing about monochromes is that they can be paired with anything. If you want to keep it simple, or add pops of color. But, personally, I don’t add color with monochromes.

Next thing is accessories. Which is by far, my favourite. I love to wear watches and have a collection, if I say so myself. I love to wear rings, and when I forget to do so, I feel as if my fingers are naked. It’s a really weird feeling actually.

Pairing. This is probably my favourite thing to do with accessories. I’ll look for a base color, if silver or golden goes better with the shirt/dress I’m about to wear. When I’m done with that, I look for either Silver/Golden necklaces, and wear atleast two. It looks sort of put together and cute. I actually took inspiration from Hailey Baldwin in this department.

For shoes, I usually wear sneakers. They’re less maintenance, last longer, and are comfortable. My go to sneakers have to be my Puma suedes. I love them so much it’s insane. They go really well with golden-warm toned clothes and have a very chic look to them. Kudos to Puma.

These things are usually what I look for and pair together. It might look like much but, put together, it’s sort of effortless. That’s the key actually.

For this picture I’m wearing a Sapphire shirt which you can tie from the sides. I like the cut, it’s very different from other places. The print is floral but I don’t mind it because it’s on the sides and plain in the centre. The jeans are from Old Navy, and they need to sponsor me because, God knows how many pairs I’ve bought from them. They make the best black jeans ever, period. A white Fossil watch with two silver rings that my Mom got for me a long time ago, and my seven year old necklace from Clarks— as my accessories.

Nothing really going on in this picture, but I may do a fashion blog in the future. Hopefully.

Thankyou so much for reading and supporting!! ❤️

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Kim Kardashian Inspired Glam✨💙

I was scrolling through instagram while in my nightsuit and dirty hair, when I came across this pictire of Kim K.

I mean, isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?! Even if you like her or not, you have to agree that she is definitely the woman that made so many people love makeup; such as myself. This was her photoshoot for her palette with Mario Dedovanovic. The palette is stunning and I love it, but, I don’t have it. The main reason because it’s so damn expensive when you buy stuff from online— especially in Pakistan. *sigh*

So, I was suuuper inspired and, I thought to myself, ‘why not?’ I rushed to my closet and began to play with makeup. I primed my eye lid with my Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in 52.

I always use concealer instead of eye lid primer because, it’s basically the same thing and concealer stays longer so helps your shadow stick longer. Next, I let it dry and then went for my Morphe 35W palette.

This palette is extremely blend-able and very easy to use. If you’re a beginner looking for fun but also neutral tones, I suggest buying this palette. I got it from Pretty Things on facebook for 4000rs which is 22$ in US. (Sad, I know)

Following the arrows in the crappy picture, i used the light brown with a Anastasia blending brush and applied it to my crease directly. I blended that with the white to make sure there were no harsh edges. I them took the orange-ish shade on the same brush, and placed it higher in the crease, leading to the brow: but lower than the brow. Don’t take it up to your brow, make sure there’s space for that. I then took my time blending both of the shades together in circular motions. I then took the white from the palette and made sure they were blended, and to blend even further.

Now, for the star of the show. I whipped out my Urban Decay x Gwen Stafani palette for the blue shade, “Danger.” This was also from Pretty Things and I got it for 4700.

This blue isn’t exactly spot on, but it’ll do the job. I wetted my finger and dipped into the shade and on to my lid. I don’t use brushes for applying shimmers to my lid, because they can never get the full pay off. I packed it onto the lid and it had a lot of fallout, so do your foundation after the eyes. But for me, I wasn’t wearing neither foundation nor concealer. Then, I blended out the blue somewhat into the crease because it wasn’t a true shimmer, it was sort of matte but also had shimmer in it. I blended that out until it looked nice. I then took the light brown and blended that onto my lower last line an also added a hint of black. I was about to do my waterline with black but, I completely forgot about it hahah.

I applied the L’oreal Volume Million Lashes in Fatale because it grabs on to every lash and coats it fully. And, because I have naturally curled lashes, it helps alot. No falsies because I suck at applying them and the bother me way too much.

I lightly filled in my eyebrows using my favourite eyebrow pencil. It’s the Soap and Glory “Archery” and I got it from Superdrug in Cardiff for 10£. I’m pretty sure you can go for NYX or Anastasia for brow products.

And, if you’re wondering, I only used two brushes for my eyes.

1. Anastasia dual ended brush for blending the shadows on the lid.

2. Lime Crime Velvetines tapered blending brush for my lower lash line.

3. Real Techniques multi use eye brush for highlighting.

For my highlight, I was too lazy to get one. So I used the shimmery pale gold from the Morphe 35W. It was extremely blinding and looked stunning on my skin.

For my lips, I used a Miniso lipstick in 08 soft nude. For the longest time, I hated this lipstick with a passion. Simply because it was too creamy, it slipped off easy and uh, I did not like it. But today, I layered it and didn’t apply it fully all at once. By doing this, it sort of took away the extra creaminess and made it look beautiful. I topped it off with a random lipgloss from 7 years ago. I know, I know, I should throw this out but it works really well. 😂

It turned out so beautiful and I loved how it looked at the end! I know it didn’t exactly turn out like Kim K, but I was really happy with the end result. I was so sad I had to take it off immediately, because I had to take a shower. Tell me how it is! ❤️

Thankyou so much for reading and supporting!! ❤