Red Queen: Is it really worth the read?

Let me start off: Totally. Don’t let my word play keep you from reading the series, although I highly doubt my opinion matters enough.

I remember I bought Red Queen in 2015, and I didn’t read it until the end of 2018, which is just about now. I’m the worse type of mood reader there is, I’ll have a book on my shelf which is appealing but I won’t pick it up and read. I’ve done it so many times it’s crazy. I’ve had the Fallen series by Lauren Kate on my shelf 2 years before I read it, (it happens ok, don’t judge), Vampire Academy and the same happened with Red Queen. Although I will read more and more books in 2019, so you can expect loads of book reviews, I hope so.

So, I’ve heard a tonne of hype for Red Queen and all over, saying everyone’s in love with it. Well, god damn it me too. (I’ve always wanted to say that)

It’s such a clever blend of a young fiction, action and romance. Minus all the sappy romance stuff, which you will not find in this series. And, I love that. Not everyone likes to read sappy love stories, and I admit I was tired of it and that was the main reason I stopped reading for a while. But, this storyline had me on the edge. It was such a good mixture of romance and action, it truly got me. More action than romance I have to say.

The storyline follows a divide between humans. Silvers and Red. Silvers are what you’d call, the kind of the X-Men. It’s the easiest to put it that way. All the silvers have powers like, controlling metal: magnetrons, controlling the mind: telkies, controlling fires: infernos. (My personal favorite) And in stark opposite are the Reds. They are common people who have no abilities and are forced to either join the century long war at the age of 18, or get a job: which is difficult. Hence, the population is controlled as Reds are sent of to a useless ongoing war, the Silvers, rule the country. The form a monarchy and consist of several noble high houses.

So, the story is about a Red girl, Mare. Who’s described as a good for nothing stubborn thief. In order to save her friend from being conscripted to the war, she steals and runs into the crown prince of Norta. Prince Tiberias Calore the VII. Yeah, I just had chills, if you can’t tell I’m absolutely in love with Cal. He’s called Cal in the books, so I’m sorry if I confused you. But, Mare doesn’t know he’s a prince and she tells him about her life and how its miserable, blah blah blah. So, he sends for her to be a maid in the palace. At the same time, there’s a festival going on to select his bride, where she falls into the pit with lightning flowing from her. This, is unknown and unheard of, because she’s Red and Reds aren’t supposed to have abilities.

However, shit happens and the evil Queen and her son, Maven plan a little something which directly effects and involves Mare. The King, Queen, Maven and Cal come up with a plan to shield this Red girl with a peculiar ability, and deem her as a Silver. Although her blood isn’t Silver. That’s a very long story, but my God it’s so fun to read.

Overall, the first book had a fast paced plot and I throughly enjoyed it. There was action, betrayal and a hint of love. Yes, there is a love triangle between Maven, Mare & Cal. Obviously.

The second book, Glass Sword was, however, kind of repetitive where Mare and Cal seek out new bloods, who are reds with silver abilities, like Mare. So, it’s basically just knowing a bit of what Maven is up to, and a lot about the stupid search that Mare has, which towards the mid end, makes her out to be a vicious monster. Actually. She loses focus of something that happens, and then has a justification for every messed up thing she does. She shows little care for other people, especially Cal. Knowing what he went through was absolutely traumatic and it’s downright selfish of Mare to oversee that and keep on whining about herself. She kinda reminds me of Elena Gilbert from Vampire Dairies when she does all that stuff. It got annoying. But the end was cool though, I sorta cried, I knew it was about to happen. I was sad and very excited.

I enjoyed the third book a lot, King’s Cage. I’ll admit the Cameron point of views were boring for me and did not seem interesting at all. She was whinny and all she cared was for saving her brother. I get it, but I really had to get through her chapters. Although, I wish there were Maven and Cal chapters because that’d be the best. Y’know where Maven kept Mare hostage and how Cal felt about all that. That would really have made the whole book so so so much better. However, this one had a lot of tension leading up to the climax and the ending, as before, got me. But in a very emotional—why would you do this kind of way. I was devastated. The little glimpses of Maven were amazing and it really made me got to know him better. Also, before you judge an evil character, analyze everything they’ve gone through. I wish there were more one on one Maven and Mare scenes, I would’ve loved it and they’d be hella interesting.

The finale, War Storm, is what really got me. I absolutely loved the Maven and Cal point of views and I wish there were more. The pages seemed less when their POV came on, I was turning the pages wishing for more. I’m not gonna lie, I squealed like a kid every time Cal’s POV came. It was the best. Evangeline’s POV were good too, but Iris’s made absolutely no sense. It seemed like she kept on saying the same thing over and over, which was boring and absolutely useless to what was actually going on. I don’t really get why people were hating on the finale like, it isn’t perfect but it’s not your book to end. It clearly states that Mare wants to go back to Cal and she will. She just needs to spend time with her family, Clara and Farley. It’s been tough for her, and everyone in the war and it’s natural to heal from that. She didn’t say that she didn’t want to be with Cal. Although, I was disappointed in that conversation they had, but as I read the last sentence I knew what the ending was, and I was satisfied. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s what Aveyard was trying to convey. Life isn’t perfect and there’s isn’t also.

But anyone with half a brain, could say that it satisfied you. I mean, I know I was. I was devastated by the conversation Cal and Mare had, but when things slowly unfolded, it made sense and was realistic. Also, the fact that no one died except Maven, was the clear reason that they had healers so they could heal anyone, so the ‘loophole’, doesn’t really exist. I mean that’s my theory. And, also people hating on Evangeline for being in love with Elane is crazy. Yes, she’s her brother’s wife, but he knows about it and has another lover anyways so why does it matter? Also, they’re royals, and they all know what’s going on, and to all of you that think this is repulsive; don’t pretend nothing messed up happens in Game of Thrones. So, in a nutshell I have no problem Evangeline being gay for her brother’s wife. It’s not like she’s doing it behind his back, and that would be a completely different scenario.

It ties the endings and anyone who has a problem with the ending, clearly needs to read the end again. I read one or two reviews that said the finale absolutely sucked and I was scared to read it nonetheless. I didn’t want it to suck and it didn’t. I liked it and I’m sad to say goodbye. Especially Cal. He was kinda indecisive but I still love him. The fact that he controls fire is just enough for me.

I would totally recommend it to anyone who loves action, it has alot and ugh, i love it. You should definitely give it a read. I’m also obsessed with the covers. The best was War Storm, then Glass Sword.

This cover was so aesthetically pleasing i couldn’t stop taking pictures. I intended to take pictures with all the books, but i couldn’t. I got sick and didn’t feel like doing anything. Also, my lazy ass finished War Storm in three days. It was a pretty fat book, but i really enjoyed it. I finished King’s Cage in Murree and it was amazing to read surrounded by nature and it’s beauty. This is now starting to be, all over the place and i’m gonna go now.

PS: first series done of 2019! happy (nearly) new year to all of you! ❤️

Thankyou for reading! ❤️ XX


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