How I grew six inches on my hair.

My hair was always naturally straight and very thick. But by the time I went through that phase when everyone stops giving a shit, yeah, I stopped giving a shit for my hair. That, in return caused extreme hairfall and the start of the worst thing anyone can experience; dandruff.

My once thick ponytail got thiner and thiner until I really got alarmed. My hair would come out whenever I would touch it, boom, gone. It was horrible, honestly. I started to realise that I was infact, so lazy that I didn’t rinse the shampoo out of my hair properly. That caused all the chemicals to stay inside my scalp and damge it slowly.

I started to grow more vary of my hair and then, I fully decided to take care of it. I vowed myself that I would oil my hair before every wash and limit my hair straightening routine. I didn’t straighten my hair for 10months until I started doing it for special occasions. But, that you can get away with. However, I feel like because of the winters now, i’m way too lazy and cold to let my hair air-day, but I blowdry on a minimal heat level.

Then, came the hair dye. I ombré-d my hair two years back and it really damaged my ends. However, slowly i’m going to cut it off. Until then, I have to deal with the ends and wait a bit more to have a haircut.

I had my hair cut to shoulder length last december which makes it exactly 11 months since I last cut it. Until now, i’ve grown about 4 1/2 to 5 inches on my hair. It’s been amazing honestly. I oiled my hair before every wash, religiously. I’ve used many hair oils and creams to revive some life back into them. I didn’t use a straightener all summer and spring (except sometimes, ofcourse), and I truly believe that’s what aided my hair growth.

I use Vatika’s Coconut oil because it has Castor Oil and Henna, which helps grow hair, volume and ensures smoothness. I feel like it’s amazing and I swear by it. Also, Pomace Olive oil is another excellent option, which I’m currently using these days. I also use the new Garnier shampoo, The Ultimate Blends Detox Shampoo. It’s for normal hair, has no silicones and smells of gree tea and other herbal plants. It leaves the hair really clean and ugh, I absolutely love the smell on it.

After I blowdry, I use the Herbal Essences MorrocanMe Miracle Oil. It has Argan and Moroccan oil with nourishes and restores the moisture in your hair. It again, smells amazing and makes your hair super soft. I use 1-2 pumps and it’s the ends not the roots. However, I do like to massage the roots with the reminding product.

After I’ve done my blow dry and some straightening, I use the L’Orèal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, it’s basically a cream for your hair. It’s specifically for dry hair but I usually use that on my ends also. It helps to straighten the hair for however long it lasts. My hair does not get frizzy when I use this.

Vatika Coconut Oil 225 RS / 1.75 US$

Garnier Shampoo: The Ultimate Blend Detox Shampoo 450 RS / 5.50 US$

Herbal Essences MoroccanMe Oil 500 RS / 4.75 US$

L’orèal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Creme 699 RS / 5.99 US$

PS: Looking back, I think my hair’s grown six inches… Yeah, six inches it is. Also my hair now is wavy, if you’re wondering.

Thankyou for reading!! ❤ x

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