My one hour speed shopping & Friday’s music.

I actually had little to no intention of buying all the stuff that I bought. It’s completely unwarranted for and, what the hell am I going to do with this much stuff. Honestly, sometimes I think I shouldn’t buy this much, because it isn’t nice to do so. However, I’m all heart eyes when I see something I like. So, am I really to blame? It’s all impulses I tell you.

I dragged my Mom with me to the mall so I could check out Body Shop’s winter sale. I swear I couldn’t find anything, and trust me when I tell you this, I can find gems from a trash can. But I guess that’s what was left in that sale and I did go the last day so I can’t really be mad. We walked on over to Accessorize and I thought, ‘I won’t buy anything but there’s no harm in looking. Boy, was I wrong. There were a couple of things that caught my eye and I managed to buy two.

The rose gold necklace is a layered one and sort of reminds me of the one my aunt wears, in the best way possible. I was looking for something simple but which was still my style. I feel like like hoops are such a statement that you can’t actually go wrong with it. Its very mid 2000’s but are still very chic. These ones are kind of twisted and are silver.

We then roamed around a few more clothes shops, because I had to get my Halloween outfit. Sadly, there is no formal Halloween celebration in Pakistan, but I wish there was. SO this year, I decided to throw a Halloween party of my own. Me, my friends, cousins, it’s going to be a blast, I hope. But, I couldn’t find the shirt I wanted anywhere so I decided to get it made. I’m so exited for the party and dress up as someone I love, it’s also sort of sad because I’ll have to tell everywhere who I am, maybe some will know who knows. I hope someone knows.

My mom was tired and she wanted to go home but I was out of mascara so I took her to Hyperstar. Which, is the worst place you can go if you’re just window shopping. You can never leave empty handed out of that place. I ended up buying the L’Oreal Lash Paradise Exactic. I’ve heard so many great things and I was willing to give it a chance. So, hear me out, I was leaving the L’Oreal counter when this really pretty nude lipstick caught my eye, the packaging was red marble and it was ugh, so cute. It is, 630 Beige A Nu, which is I’m guessing french because it has ‘Cannes’ written over the tube. Both were for 1999RS / 17 US$.

Once again, I was leaving. But I decided to throw in the Garnier Hydra Bomb masks. Let me tell you, if you’re a budget queen like me, you’ll love these. I got one in the super hydrating and replenishing with pomegranate extract. I’ve tried this twice now and I can really see a difference. And, in my defense I needed skin care because my skin is super shitty these days. I also got the under eye Hydra Bomb, because of university, i’ve got a shit ton to do and that messes with my sleep sometimes. It’s has orange juice and hyaluronic acid which makes your skin plump and if I’m not wrong, defies ageing too.

Also, picked up the L’oreal Hydra fresh anti shine cream. Winters. It has an icy gel texture and it purifies and mattifies. I don’t need much mattifying because my skin is normal, but I do get oily at the end of the day. It is the deep clean source water, and it just sounds right up my skin care alley.

Then we just went to check out and called it a night. Trust me when I say it was late. I managed this all in an hour if I’m going to be precise, this is my one hour speed shopping.

I’m currently listening to Khalid’s new EP Suncity, for literally the thousandth time. It’s so good, it’s pure RnB except for a song or two. I mean, this EP is pure magic. Every song is soulful and filled with the utmost emotion. Khalid’s motion and vocals are so much more clear and filled compared to the American Teen album. This is truly the start of an era, and I truly wish it was a full length album, because it deserves all the love. My favourites were: Vertigo, Motion, and everything else. Give it a listen, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Khalid Suncity

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Thankyou so much for reading and supporting. ❤ X


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