Getting Wedding ready in 20 minutes?

Yeah, 20 minutes. My mom told me I had to get ready in under 20 minutes if I wanted to go to the wedding. Well, let me tell you this, I didn’t have a choice. And, if you think you have one when your parents tell you go to somewhere with them; you have no choice. My mom always blackmails me when she wants me to go with her, literally. As of this moment, she’s also bugging me. Well, all love to you mom.

I hurriedly grabbed my black net dress which my mom actually had made for me, it fits nice and when in doubt, go black. Honestly, saves so much time and effort instead of standing and thinking, “hmm, what should I wear,” and it’ll save you the constant change of mind. Put on black tights, sprayed my mom’s Ange ou Demon by Givenchy and wore my black suede heels from Clarke’s. (They retail for £70 and I got them in December 2017)

I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do my makeup in such a less time because 5 minutes were already dust. I washed my face like a crazy person but also kept in mind not to mess up my hair. I grabbed my Makeup Revolution concealer in C5 which is absolutely bomb and has coverage for days. Because I don’t wear foundation, I love a good coverage concealer. I have little blue-greenish veins underneath my eyes, so I want to cover them up. It does such a spectacular job at that, it’s insane. It’s not Jeffree Star approved for no reason. Get it if you haven’t. It retails for 950RS / 7.50 US$ and I got it from Love the variety and stuff they have there, so check it out!

Used my trusty Morphe 35W palette for my eyes. I wasn’t gonna go anything special to my eyes, but I guess I got carried away. I took the bright orange in my crease and deepened it with a deeper brown with a hint of black while dragging that out. To give the eye an almond shape, which I guess is my shape originally, but whatever. I was eager to use the copper shade on my eyes because I was gravitated towards it. Used the exact same colors on my lower lash to give it a bit of cohesiveness. L’Oréal mascara in False Lash X Fiber which is dual ended, I like it because it gives volume and the other side also separates the lashes. The look felt kind of complete but not really so I added the L’Oréal eye kohl in black.

Lightly filled in my eye brows with the Soap and Glory Archery pencil in Medium Brown. I don’t like all the instagram brows thing, but if that’s your thing then good enough. I’m not judging. For my highlight I used, the Primark highlight in champagne, (3£ / 600RS) it’s sorta dark for me but I can make it work. Finished off with Kiko liquid lipstick in 103 (7£ / 1100RS) and topped it off with the clear gloss it comes with. If you haven’t tried Kiko or Kiko’s liquid lipsticks, you need to! There so affordable and last like crazy. Literally had to use a whole makeup wipe to remove it.

If you’re wondering if I really did this in 20mins, I actually did. I also had time for a mini photo shoot too, so I actually succeeded in doing everything. The wedding was pretty freakin’ awesome because I unexpectedly met my best friend which was absolutely amazing. We talked and laughed for hours and literally hugged three times before leaving. The food was nice and overall, it was a good vibe. It was a nice end to my already amazing Saturday. By the way, the choker in the picture is from Peacock.

Thank you so much for the love and support on the last blogs, my heart is exploding. I didn’t even know if anyone except my friends would read it, but yeah, thank you for supporting me. And, if you don’t like or want to tell me how to make it better, I’m happy to listen. X ❤

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