What I bought after shopping for 13 hours.

After a crazy weekend in Lahore, I’m finally home and after all the Monday drama, I’m free to write about my weekend fiasco. Before I start, Lahore, you were absolutely amazing and I love you so much.

So, I didn’t actually shop for 13 hours in a stretch, while that could be something I’d be eager to experience. I shopped for 3 hours on Friday and 10 ish hours on Saturday. For my shopping, I went to Packages Mall, which I had never been to. Because this dummy went to Lahore after two years. I have no idea how it has been that long but, yeah it has been. If you haven’t been to Packages as of yet, you need to go there ASAP.

So on Friday night, I went to Packages at like 9pm. I spent the day writing the previous blog, for that: thank you for reading. ❤ And mainly spent time lounging and relaxing in gymkhana. The first shop we rushed into was Miniso. I feel like it’s a new hip thing to do and whenever you go into shop you always have to buy something. It’s like an impulse, put that in, ooh I like that, that’s cute— sort of thing. I ended up spending 2500 RS / 23 US$.

I bought an Aloe Vera moisture toner, which aloe is great for your skin. If you’re skin is burnt due to, sunburn or excessive use of exfoliation— this is the thing for you. Being the dummy that I am, I used an exfoliated twice in a row and that resulted in me having the most worst skin time of my life. I’ve never had skin problems thank God. But, that shit truly gave me a heart attack. I couldn’t even wash my face without it stinging like hell. So I ordered the CoNatural Aloe Healing Gel, and let me tell you this, it is magic. It fixed my skin in like 3 days of consistent use. So, I wanted to give the Aloe toner a chance.

Olive Oil for Hyderation and Moisture. I don’t exactly know if you’re supposed to put it on your face but I put it on my face. My checks get very dry in winters but stays normal throughout the year. I use it for my hands and on my face. Also got cotton squares for these, they were also super inexpensive.

A hair drying towel and a satin shower cap. Because you don’t wash your hair everyday, that’s just wrong. If you do, please don’t, you’re slowly killing and damaging it. Hair care is extremely essential and it’s something so many people sleep on. I’ll definitely do a hair routine, because there is one I follow religiously.

Daisy moisturizing facial spray and a rose spray along with the Hydrolat Orange Blossom sheet masks. I’ve used the sheet masks before and I honestly love them! They work great and you get three for 250RS / 1.50US$. It’s a steal at that price.

Next shop I went to was Inglot. I actually forced my mom to go with me because I wanted to see the Jennifer Lopez collection. I’ve seen pictures from her shoot and, I’m just floored every time I see JLo. Like, how is she 48 and still flawless? Honestly, God I see what you do for other people. Is watched the highlighters and the red and the nude lipstick. I loved the highlight so much that I ended buying it, oops. I bought the J201 in Radiate. It was the one that went perfectly with my skin tone and it’s so glittery I love it so much. I somehow convinced my Mom to split the money with me for it and she agreed! So yeah, we ended up splitting the money and I got it for 2450 RS / 22.50 US$. Spoiler: it’s absolutely blinding. Also, wore it for 8hours+ on the next day.


Woke up at 12, slept at 2am. Good morning. The grind starts again, by that I mean more shopping, hahaha. Went to Emporium this time. I like the overall vibe but I definitely prefer Packages to it. I went to Nishat and liked a couple of shirts but didn’t end up buying it. I feel like Nishat used to be so good 3 years ago that I only used to buy clothes from there, but lately it’s like… meh. Trying to stay relevant. There are some nice pieces which I really like but, the majority isn’t the greatest. I hope they’d hire a new designer and shit.

Went to Khaadi and saw this absolutely gorgeous white linen shirt. The fabric was really one of a kind, the design was nice and of course, the stitching. It was only 2000 RS / 18 US$ and I was sold that very moment. I tried it on and it looked equally as nice so I got it. If you see this in stores, give it a try and buy it if you want to!

Also, got a blue night suit from Diner’s, which was eventually too stiff for and I ended up giving that to my mom. I really love my unimpressive night clothes. What can I say, comfort over style when you’re sleeping is my rule 101.

Rushed to Packages to go to Accessorize, I was so disappointed like…?? Why even bother? They had a 50% sale which was literally on like 2racks. The most weird looking bag packs and weird jewelry.. why? I rushed out just like I rushed in, in a blink of an eye. After dinner, we went to Hyperstar.

Mind you at this point, it’s already like 7 hours spent in malls, and we’re walking into another.

11:30— Got a red storage box for storing extra stuff or my extra makeup that doesn’t fit into my drawer.. I should hoard less… Also got a pack of three red facial towers because I love to take care of my skin. I’m negligent at most times but once a week, I really treat myself to it. Got a California Republic navy hoodie which I really like and it’s really warm too, also wearing it in the picture! All of this stuff was under 1500RS / 13 US$, maybe even less.


Got up at 8 had had like 7 pancakes drenched in pancake syrup. So like before you judge me, they were small sized and around the size of your palm probably. And, we’ve all been there before. Rushed to Readings at 10 because it’s tradition to go to Lahore and go buy books. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and I want to get back to the stories. I was exited to go and as usual, spent a lot of time deciding what I want because I’m truly over the romance stuff, unless it’s real good ofcourse. So if you’ve got murder mystery suggestions or like other unique genres, tell me.

I got Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco. It really caught my eye and I’ve started reading it, it’s quite different and a good mystery so far.

Shatter Me by Tahera Mafi, because my friend told me about it like three years ago and I could never find it in stores anywhere. I remember she used to speak so highly of it, so when I saw it, I immediately put it in.

Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff, I was actually leaving for checkout but came across the history section. If you know me, you know I’m a history freak, I find that stuff extremely interesting and I really wish I was born in the 16th century. Hmm, if only.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth. The story from the back seemed extremely interesting and I was very intrigued to buy it. Also she wrote Divergent, which was an absolute hit and I remember everyone reading that back in 2013.

That sums up my weekend in Lahore, and again thank you so much for reading I hope you all like the stuff I write about. And, of course if you want to critique me on something, or tell me what to blog about, I’d be more than happy to listen to it. Once again, thank you for reading and supporting me. ❤

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