Are mukbangs really fun?

Mukbangs are when you eat infront of a camera while talking and that’s what people find fun to watch. Well, that’s my knowledge on what a Mukbang is. I wasn’t eating infront of a camera nor was I alone.

I had the most fun sleepover with my cousin and it was a total blast. Like those sleepovers which you plan and they go accordingly, to the best of it’s extent. Yeah, it was insanely fun. We were watching the Jeffree Star and Trisha Paytas’ Mukbang, while my cousin goes, “Let’s just order McDonalds,” and I look at her with utter excitement and a nod of approval. Because in that moment, I was thinking the exact thing.

Called McDonalds and ordered two boxes of Spicy Chicken with large cokes and large fries. Talk about eating unhealthy. We devoured our chicken while gossiping about spicy stuff and reminiscing about the good old days. We talked about how great One Direction used to be and how we stayed up fangirling and listening to their albums’ all night. We played old songs that we’d listen to and shout out each and every single lyric.

It’s so fun when you have someone you can talk to about whatever and just chill. That’s exactly what we did. We jammed out to music and ate our delicious food side by side. This for me, was so much more fun that watching another person eat.

Actually funny story, I applied the Huda Beauty liquid lipstick in Medusa, and the delivery guy thought I was some sort of psycho. It’s so much fun when you wear a gothic color in public and everyone just stares at how crazy you look. I actually feel so cool whenever I wear weird and obnoxious colors. I feel like a bad bitch and no one should talk to me, I’m telling you there’s something about it that makes me feel like a dangerous womaaan. Woah, Ariana reference.

Let’s just pretend I’m an emo jamming out to Guns N Roses and I’m a skater girl who wears black clothes all year. Can I be that cool? If you’re an emo, can we be friends?

Also, holyshit.. I should spend a day as a Goth. Like, the full experience. THAT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN! Hit me up, if you know how to do that.

So, going back; Although we didn’t order much, mukbangs are extremely fun. You should definitely do one with someone whose company you enjoy. Here’s to many more mukbangs.

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Thankyou for reading loves. X ❤️