Heartbreak at 7am.

The newly painted orange sky with hints of pink, it seemed like the skies were angry. The only way to get their fury expressed was by painting itself a certain way.

Warm April morning, 7am.

They lay in peace, bodies perfectly in sync. It was God’s creation and He scared how in touch they were. Mortals weren’t supposed to be this perfect. It was as if they were made from the same atom, yet split; same heart, yet beating as one.

His golden eyes met her chocolate brown. She’d always seem to think, ‘this thing.. infront of me.. isn’t human.’ How he’d run his generous palm in her head, caressing her hair, making her shut her eyes in pure ecstasy. It was as if the angel himself had touched her. It was simply divine. She’d look at him and think, ‘i’d do anything for this man right here, infront of my eyes.’

He notices how she looks at him— the gaze of someone terribly in love. Yes, it scared him at first. It wasn’t that he wasn’t ready, but he never thought that she’d feel the same way about him. He’d picture this a thousand times, only different ways; the love of his life, laying in his arms with sunrise greeting them. Her smile made him feel like he was the only man on earth, she’d make him feel so special. How she blushed when someone mentioned him, or how her eyes light up every damn time she looks at him. The feeling never gets old. He’d do anything for her.

She looked into his ever welcoming eyes that shone brighter than any diamond, while making circles on his chest. He gulped and thought to himself, ‘it’s getting harder.’ He pushes her hand away as worry washes all over her magically sculpted face. She is a work of art. She should be in a museum. She doesn’t deserve a piece of shit like you.

“What happened?” Her honey dripped voice made it worse.

“I can’t do this anymore.” His heart stopped beating. The color from her face vanished, the life from her soul dimmed a little. She didn’t say anything, her eyes spoke for her.

“This was fun. It’s time to move on. Goodbye.” He turned so he couldn’t see her heart jump out her chest, tears filled his face; he picked up his stuff. It was real. This is real.

“Y-you can’t do this to me! I can’t live without you.” The pain in her voice was unbelievably earthshaking. He put metal chains across his heart, it took every living atom in his fibre to not go and tell her he’s an idiot. He doesn’t mean it, it’s something he has to do for her. He doesn’t know if he can live without his soul—her.

Shutting the door behind him, she breaks down hysterically crying. Screaming, yet silent. Unaware of what happened not two minutes ago. The image of him referring to her as an object was branded in her brain. She couldn’t escape the horror that was him. The beautiful horror that she loved with every thing she had. The most hated thing which she loved the most.

He put his hands on his mouth. His heart was now on the floor, scattered. The red glass spread all across the white marble. He had left his life behind, hearing her cry was something he never wanted to hear. Breaking his heart— her heart was something he’d never dreamt of. It was something so scared he could never humiliate the very thought of it. He laid lifeless. As did she.

Even in their suffering, they were terrifyingly in sync.

Thankyou so much for reading! ❤️Xx


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