Worth reading: the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur

I picked up ‘the sun and her flowers’ by Rupi in late September. But, I got so busy I couldn’t give it the time it deserves. I remember so many people raving about, taking aesthetically pleasing pictures all over Instagram. It was everywhere.

I had bought this after I finished and loved milk and honey with every thing I have. Her words are so pure yet not so pure at the same time. There’s this thing in Rupi’s writing that makes you read it over and over again. It feels you feel evey emotion side my side.

Her poems are incredibly mesmerising. I couldn’t even put the book down. I actually forced myself to stop after I finished two parts in nearly 25 minutes. I wanted to enjoy it more.

I let the sun peek through my enormous window, laid down on the carpet and read the poems slowly. It was some experience. I had Zayn playing on my speakers and I read through poems about self love, building yourself and all the heartache.

I loved countless poems and I can’t pick a favourite. If you don’t read poetry, or haven’t started, or are thinking of reading— do it! Poetry is so unique and intoxicating that you can’t get enough of it. I’ll definitely try and read Rumi next whenever I get the chance.

I’d highly recommend giving this a read, i’m sure you’d be impressed. If you haven’t already, of course. If you’ve already read it, tell me how you like it.

PS: sorry if this is short, but what else can you talk about for a great poetry book? it speaks for itself.

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Thankyou for reading loves. X ❤


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