Winters outfits—hit or miss?

Winters are probably the most fun you can have dressing up and styling outfits. But, when it comes to someone like me, who literally freezes in 18C, it’s extremely difficult. However, I do enjoy autumn and it’s one of my favourite months. I don’t really like winters or summers, I prefer the weather where you wear a light jacket and you’re good.

I don’t want to sweat my ass off and freeze until my fingers are blue. Nope, I don’t do extreme weather. Funny story, I actually had blue fingers when I was in Istanbul in January, it was legit freezing. I have no idea how I survived the cold but, i’m the shit.

I bought nearly 90% of my winter clothes from UK, when I was visting last year. I’m glad about that. I bought this wannabe icy but sort of, ultra marine blue velvet sweater from Primark. It’s so soft and cuddly it’s insane. It’s also oversized which makes it even better. It’s actually Cardiff wind approved because it makes you insanely hot. So, if it’s really cold you can just wear a jacket and you’re good to go.

Velvet sweaters are warm but also looks absolutely divine. The color shifts make them so unique and eye-catching. I bought it for 5£ / 745 RS, on sale and the next day it was for 3£. *extreme face palm*

My go-to black Old Navy jeans which I wear everyday and are my absolute necessity. I can’t do anything without them, and obviously, black is such a staple. You can’t go wrong when you’re black. I wore my Adidas Superstars in white, which are the most basic bitch shoe ever and everyone who’s eveyone has them. But, they’re cute so it’s good. Also, planning to get white trainers but i’m not sure which one. Can you tell i’m a huge sneaker fan? I don’t wear anything unless it’s a sneaker or a heel. There’s simply no in between.

I wore my I am jewellery necklace which I never get a chance to wear because I can never match it, so I paired it with this look. For my makeup, I didn’t do anything except my mascara and lipstick. Mascara is L’orèal Lash Paradise 2000 RS / 19 US$ (I know it’s not that expensive, but the taxes in Pakistan make it stupid expensive) & lipstick by Glam Girl in Metamorphosis 270 RS / 1.75 US $. It’s extremely affordable and very long lasting so I’d recommend checking it out.

Really inspired by @ohareeba on instagram, so I busted my clear neon transparent bag from the archive. It’s a neon green that I picked up from Tally Weijl in 2014. It has a really heavy metal chain which is cool and adds character. Retails for 20€ / 2700 RS.

CD- Guns n Roses Appetite For Destruction. (I feel this need to sing, ‘he loves guns n roses, guuuuns and roooooses’, but I have no one to sing that for, so i’ll let it slide. Also, if you know the song reference, you’re the shit.

I kept my wallet, phone, headphones, medicine and a small mirror in my bag, just in case. Also, my lipstick because you never know when you want to re-apply. I went shopping later on and got some amazing new pens and sticky notes from Miniso. So obsessed with their stationery, it’s cute but it also works. Win-win situation.

PS: i hope this didn’t suck. but tell me if it did, i’m ok with it, honestly.

Instagram: @opaqueblues

Thankyou for reading!! ❤ x


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