Am I in the wrong era?

Sometimes I think to myself, I’m in the wrong era. My fascination with old things and vintage fashion has always been there, however, there are certain times where it grows even more. Whenever I watch an old movie, listen to old music or jut think about the old times— I somehow get this euphoric sensation. I like to think I’m a old soul that’s trapped in 2018.

While I love cellphones and technology, I also crave for a time without them. The feeling of getting a letter from another continent, or maybe just another country is extremely satisfying for me. The handwritten sentiment means the world to me instead of a 500 word long text. Not every one can convey their emotions as they like, but the effort is what matters. Whenever I read history books, I feel a strange sort of empathy even though I was never a part of it. There has always been this desire for more than what was written in the history books.

I remember this one time when I went to Potsdam and visited the Sanssouci Palace (French for no worries), I felt peace. Roaming through the mesmerizing gardens looking through the perfectly sculpted statues, the architecture, it was truly my favorite. The smell of royal betrayal and gloominess was buried deep in the Palace walls. The story of Frederick the Great possibly being gay and his escape from the palace is truly fascinating. The guide told us that he had escaped with his lover who was possibly a kitchen boy, making their way to London. However, the King set his guards behind them and they managed to find them before they left Prussia, now Germany. I don’t know if it’s true or a rumor but the King actually locked Frederick into a tower and kept his lover in the opposite tower, he ordered his death and poor Frederick watched his lover die in front of him.

This story somehow gives me the chills. But, the experience was absolutely amazing and I’d definitely go back and do it all again. It’s the same with me and music. In my opinion, music was definitely way better. I mean, everyone should know at this point. Music today is just remixed and auto tuned shit. We rarely get real instruments playing in the background and only a handful of artists whose real vocals we’re familiar with. I’m not implying every artist does that but the majority do. We don’t have artists like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Bryan Adams, Stevie Wonder anymore. I hope to God we do, for the future of music.

We don’t have artistic bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Queen anymore. Everyone seems to rip off each other or old music. The classic riffs made in the 70’s still shake my soul— and I’m not even from the 70’s. Maybe this is my Dad’s influence, but I’m eternally grateful for it. The essence in music back in the day was utterly magical, everyone was gifted and they crafted their skill accordingly. And, honestly can someone tell me the thrill in techno music? I’m sorry if I offend someone but it’s technically not even music. It’s just a bunch of machines playing together to make horrible sound. Yes, they may sound good four times but this isn’t the music you’ll be listening four years from now.

If you wanna listen to pure guitar, listen to Jimmy Page in No Quarter by Led Zeppelin; you’ll never be the same. Or yet, just listen to Hendrix. Now, that’s music. But still, you’ve got your own preferences and I’ll respect that.

I feel like even my fashion choices are somewhat inspired by all over the decades. 50’s is extremely minimalist and 70’s with rock and roll with a hint of ‘I don’t give a shit’—me making fashion choices. It’s crazy how much other things influence our being and by the time you know it, you’re consumed by it. Recently, I’m collecting CD’s. My dad has a huge collection of CD’s, Vinyls, Cassettes you name it. There probably isn’t one artist that he isn’t familiar with. I’ve got many of my favorites from his collection, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, U2, Justin Timberlake, among others. My dad was adamant I wouldn’t take his Led Zeppelin CD’s but, I still did because they’re my favorite band, ever. I still bug my dad all the time to tell me about his time growing up because he grew up in probably the most artistic era ever. I’m pretty sure he secretly enjoys telling me all about it just as much as I love listening to it.

The CD’s in the picture are;

Led Zeppelin: Latter Days Greatest Hits Vol2

Nirvana MTV Unplugged

Queen Greatest Hits

Nirvana Nevermind

I’ve been so busy studying these past weeks and hence couldn’t blog consistently, but I guess it’s just gonna get busier from here. I have my mocks in December, which I’m absolutely dreading. I mean, it’s a lot. Slowly but surely it’s gonna work out, I hope so.

PS: I WATCHED BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT AND I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN!! ❤ Rami did a magnificent job as Freddie and i’m sure he’s looking down and slow clapping in utter happiness. I also cried at the ‘We Are The Champions’ closing performance. It was such an amazing movie, a must watch if you’re a fan of Queen. (I’m sorta sad that Under Pressure didn’t have a full stage time tho </3)

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Thank you for reading! X ❤


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