Eye of the Storm Halloween makeup.

This look is heavily inspired by James Charles. If you don’t know who he is, are you living under a rock? I feel like everyone knows about him, and even if you don’t, you’ve probably seen sarcastically inappropriate comments under your favorite male celebrity. I know I have. He did this look last year I guess and Jeffree Star recreated it on his channel, and I knew I wanted to do it. James’ look is more blue and looks kind of sweet. The look I went for is more black.

I did this look at 11pm and I was tired but mentally, I was so ready for it. It took me nearly 25 mins to do this, which is a lot but I really enjoyed the process.

It’s like an angry night sky with lightning. I used Urban Decay’s Blackout eye shadow all over my eye region while sketching out the boundary on where I want it to end. I used the Essence black liner for that. I used my favorite concealer ever, Makeup Revolution in C5 underneath my eyes, to make sure that the black goes on smooth and without any patchiness. I started filling in the spaces with black, and once that was done, I went over with some cobalt blue to give some dimension and make it resemble more like the night. I then took the NYX pigment in 24, which is teal with a gold reflex. The gold doesn’t show up that much and I used that as my highlight.

For the lightning I used the Essence liner in white and drew lightning over my face. I wish I did the white liquid liner to make it look more real but, I had to make shift. I ended up looking grey over all the face with the white, but I went over it for a second time to make it look more cohesive. I completed the eyes with black kohl by L’Oréal in my waterline.

I’m literally out of mascara and I’m also broke at the moment, so I have to make shift with my current mascara which is, Volume Million Lashes in Fatale by L’Oréal. It has a tiny brush that grabs on to every lash. It doesn’t give volume like crazy but you can always build that up in layers. I’ll definitely be buying the Lash Paradise next, I’ve heard so many great things about it.

I used a Maybelline lipstick in 625 Iced Caramel. This is my favorite nude ever, it’s the right amount of brown and pink mixed together. I topped it off with a random clear gloss that I have lying around for eons.

I actually regret not doing this in the day because I needed the sun to sort of, boost the look, but I guess whatever. You can tell I struggled with the picture because I took 20 different and ended up being ok with two of them. I might not even post the other but, hahaha, just saying.

It’s a short one but thank you so much for loving my previous blog. I’ve never shown any one what I write except my best friends, and posting it was such a nerve wreck for me. I hope you loved it and I’m definitely going to post more because I feel like there different for me to do and unique to read. I hope you like the look and thank you for reading! X ❤

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