How the Moon & the Stars plotted the Lovers’ Revenge.



He replied with his warm breath close to hers, tucking her golden waves behind her eyes. She didn’t know what lies the universe had fed the lovers. Laughing in contempt the mighty moon, with the help of mischievous glowing stars; they thought to themselves, “look how the mortals love.” Cried one in irony.

“It’s pitiful that they think they’ll last forever.” Stated the other while scoffing and awaiting the destruction to slither it’s way into their lives.

Many moons passed, but the lovers stayed strong. They proved their undying love for each other, in every obstacle they faced. Each stone in their journey was thoughtfully put— to test them, to see if they could endure it. The moon and the stars scoffed, while God playfully put them together, as He, is the puppeteer and they were His puppets.

While one gloomy full moon night; God stopped playing and moved to the other puppets, while the moon and the stars plotted the lovers’ revenge.

“How about they fell out of love?”

“What happens to the other if one dies?”

“Let’s make them hate eachother.” One after the other made rational decisions to destroy them, but the moon was eager on one thing alone.

There stood the love of his life, white dress with her father giving her away. He couldn’t control himself; it was if he was given an ecstasy pill. Tears of happiness in his eyes, the smile he was crazy for before he even knew her. The very person he’d seem in his dreams. She was now his. He was her’s to keep for all eternity.

“Now’s time, boss,”

He’d seen her in every aspect; happy, sad, terrified, angry— but he’d never seen her like this. It was as if his soul had been taken from him, there was no desire to breath nor any wish to be alive. As he held the love of his life in his arms, lifeless. “Darling,” he cried out; “my love”, but she didn’t respond to anything. Was it him? He couldn’t tell what had happened to her. And in that moment, he knew, that there was nothing left in the world for him.

Seven heavens above, God cried and cried that very night. The earth shattered and suffered lightening, thunder and hail. There seemed to be no remorse that could calm Him down. “I’ve let the Moon and the Stars take away the love from two people who loved each other more than their being..”

That night showed God’s fury and sadness to the earth as it joined in mourning.

“Forgive me for I have let two lovers slip.”


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