Playlist to my life.

Music is something that is so magical to me and the moment I heard the first tune of the first song I ever remember, I was in love. I firmly believe that if there’s something truly magical in this world, it’s music. Music is such a huge part of my life because my Dad is super into it, and I’ve always heard stuff playing, so it was pretty hard to miss. If my voice was nice, I’d definitely love to be a singer, but I guess life has other plans for me.

Paul Mariat Love Is Blue My dad is huge on classical music and is probably his favorite genre of all time. He says you feel the music, not pay attention to the details. It’s the first song that I remember hearing and I still love it to this day. My dad would be proud because he thinks I solely listen to shitty music. No dad, my music taste is freakin’ awesome. *shoulder shrug*

Hotel California Eagles Rock. One of my most favorite genres to listen to. I can honestly listen to anything, but man, rock has such a special place in my heart. I’ve heard Rock since like I was probably a toddler maybe. But I vividly remember me and my cousin listening to this song on repeat. We would bang our heads and soulfully close our eyes when Don Felder played his guitar. God, I can’t even put into words how 7 year old me would react to that. I still do everything I did whenever I listen to this song. It holds not only great memories for me, but also sparked my love for Guitar.

Beautiful Eminem I can’t even express the love I have for Eminem. From classical to rock, to a completely different genre: my love for Eminem will never fade away. The words are raw and extremely honest. It’s what someone wants to hear when there going through a shitty time in their life. Eminem raps about real life, struggles and problems and that’s what attracts me so much towards him. It pulled me out of a really shitty time in my life. The lyrics speak to me on a spiritual level, honestly.

What Goes Around Comes Around Justin Timberlake this song was the one where I absolutely fell in love with JT, his music was so soulful and beautiful I loved it. Nowadays it just feels like weird pop.. This was the song I heard when I was going through a rough time and I knew I didn’t do anything wrong, so nothing bad can happen to me after. Basically, karma.

Japanese Denim Daniel Ceaser Basically no exact reason why I love this, I’m absolutely obsessed with Daniel Ceaser, extremely underrated and definitely needs tons of recognition and love. He literally has the voice of an angel and the context of the song is beautiful. It talks about not caring of your needs when you’re so in love with the other person, all you care about is them. The idea is pretty sweet and I’m obsessed with it!

Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton I have no words to describe how beautiful this song actually is. I’ve seen my parents dance to this while getting ready and that’s the most beautiful memory I have relating to this song. Also, Clapton plays the guitar so exquisitely that it teleports you to another dimension.

Him & I G Eazy ft Halsey A friend of mine actually told me to listen to G Eazy and for that, thanks girl. The thing I love about G Eazy is that he draws inspiration from books and then makes parallels in his life and raps about it. I look for a meaning in every rap I hear, it just makes me feel strong in a way. This song makes me feel so in love with love, because they claim to have each other’s back no matter what. Like, that’s the kind of love people look for, difficult to find but when you do stick to it. Also, Halsey is amazing and again, extremely underrated.

In My Blood Shawn Mendes also, the love of my life. Infinity heart eye emojis and LOTS of love to this angel. This song was released in March, but holyshit.. it’s hit me in so many places and helped me through so much shit. I remember listening to this on full blast while I badly bruised my knuckles. I remember failing in paper 2 of my law exam (school ones, not the final oh my god) and listening to this. It gets through all the emotions a person is feeling when there going through a panic attack or a rough time. I told myself that it’s not in my blood to give in and I can do it, I can have an A in my law exam and guess what.. I got an A*. I remember this song ringing in my head all the time while giving my exams. Also, the guitar is stunning. Great work Shawn and Zubin.

Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin I remember listening to this song for the first time and being like, ‘what is this satanic…(God forgive me) shit’ I SWEAR I DIDNT MEAN A WORD. I take my words and I eat them as I repent my sins. I was young and stupid. This is a piece of ART. The guitar played throughout is phenomenal and extremely euphoric. Jimmy Page is definitely one of my favorite guitarists of all time. I mean, the passion he has while playing the tune is insane. Robert Plant is talented beyond light years and I love his voice. The percussion is beautiful and the ugh, this is art. My dad told me that when you listen to Led Zeppelin you can’t listen to anything else, man, he has never been more right.

Lose Yourself Eminem I’m warning you there’s a lot of Em in my playlist, so, yeah. This is also one of those songs when someone feels there’s a lot to do, but you can’t get it done.. this is that song. It gives you all the motivation to do what you need to, pushes you to do it. I’ve always listened to it in exam season and also whenever I feel like it. There’s a line in either this song or in RapGod that he says that he bullies himself to do what he wants to and that’s why he’s the greatest. I guess it’s RapGod. I’ve literally bullied myself to study for hours and revising like a madman for hours and also pushes information in my brain, drinking a pint of black coffee.. yeah I did that. But like for one subject, so don’t get that twisted. I have the line “success is my only mother****ing option, failures not”, written on my mirror. Talk about inspiration, there’s no one greater than Em to give that.

Gravity John Mayer I love the country feeling mixed with RnB and a hint of blues. I love John’s music and this one in particular is my favorite. They change quite a bit, but this one really moves me. It tells you that no matter what, gravity will always pull you down, but what you can do for that is that you can always back up. Don’t let life pull you down because it always pulls people down, nbd.

In The End Linkin Park RIP Chester Bennington. I love their music and the reason that nearly every song from them is extensively thought out. ‘In the end it doesn’t even matter’, this is so true but also at the same time the idea is so difficult to grab onto. It’s a beautiful ode to what life’s about and that you don’t have to kill your self to be perfect. Because, it doesn’t matter. Also, Linkin Park is not the same after Chester, this is my opinion but obviously you don’t have to agree.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith The first time that I listened to this song was when I was 7 or 8. I’ve always had a thing for rock, because I’ve heard it from such a young again. I remember my dad having the Devil’s Got A New Disguise CD and the moment this song played, I fell in love. I loved the lyrics even when I was too young to understand them. Sitting in the back of our car I tell my dad to play this specific song over and over again. It’s so reminiscent of my childhood and I can’t even imagine not having this in my life’s playlist.

The Man Who Sold The World Nirvana I remember I was watching a Shane Dawson conspiracy theory while he talked about Kurt Cobain’s death. I remembered his name but I could associate anything with him. So I typed in his name and under some videos came this song. It’s originally a David Bowie song but he covered it for their MTV unplugged album. I feel like the MTV Unplugged albums are well thought out and extremely magical. There was something about Kurt’s sloppy guitar and grunge voice that I loved. And, by his sloppy guitar I mean no disrespect. I love him and still I’m so sad for his death, even though I wasn’t a rebellious kid in the 90’s but I still connect deeply with his music.

Spacebound Eminem Probably one of the first songs I heard from Eminem. I guess, but I can always listen to this and have a sudden mood shift, if I want to be sad that is. It’s an incredibly thought out and complex song about having trust issues with love and them breaking your trust. I feel like if that’s heartbreak, this is the worst kind there is to exist. “Promise you’ll think of me every time you look up in the sky and see a star,” is one of my favorite lyrics not just from Eminem, but all time. It’s a sad reminder for a brutal reality.

Manhattan Kings Of Leon Recently discovered the band, and obsessed with their album— Closer By The Night. I’ve listened to it countless times and it still never gets old nor do I get bored. It’s the type of song that just makes me feel happy, alive and makes me do crazy stuff. I’m so much more adventurous whenever I listen to this song. There’s something about the guitar and the soft yet harsh voice that makes it so unique. It definitely teleports me to Manhattan.

Heartless The Fray I found out about this band from the early Tumblr days, and remember listening to How To Save A Life and then, loving their songs. I’ve listened to a lot, but this one sort of sticks with me. It’s the saddest song ever (I’m probably wrong) but I love it still. I don’t remember exactly why I’m putting this here but it was something. The lyrics are deep.. don’t feel sad when you listen to this. But you will feel sad.

With Or Without You U2 This was the song I heard when I knew what rock was. I was old enough to understand and differentiate the different genres of music and love them equally. I remember having this fascination with U2, and urging my friend to listen to it while she goes like, “this is shit and it sucks so bad.” I remember feeling awful about playing my sort of music in front of her. Which, later on made me extremely conscious about the music I play in front of people.

That’s it, the 19 songs to the playlist of my life. I had a bunch more in my mind but I don’t know if anyone would be interested in more, so I had to cut it short. If you’ve got the same preferences as me or have a song or a couple of them on common; let me know! I’d love to know that. But, if you’re someone who can’t appreciate or respect someone’s music taste, I don’t have any words to say to you.

Thank you so much for reading my shit and supporting the hell out of it! Lots of love xo ❤

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