Whats in my travel bag + My current travel playlist.

Traveling is arguably the most beautiful thing ever. You get to see new places, eat different sorts of food, meet new people— and the overall experience is magic. Whether you’re traveling international or in your domestic country, it never gets old. One of my favorite places to visit in Pakistan, is Lahore. There’s something about the air in Lahore that is so rich in culture and heritage that you can’t get away from it. It pulls you towards itself and makes you fall in love all over again. If you’re a Pakistani who still hasn’t seen Lahore, first of all, who are you? And second, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Lahore. I could go on and on about Lahore but let’s talk about what the blog is about.

Currently drinking my Schweppes tonic water, which is bitter in it’s aftertaste but like sparking water at first. I packed my small black Accessorize bag which my friend gave to me for my 17th birthday, and the size is perfect for traveling domestically or even internationally. I had my ‘the sun and her flowers’ book by Rupi Kaur.. I’ll just do a review on that later. Having a book when you travel is an essential of mine. I can get bored easily and I’m the type of person that always wants to do something even if I’m exhausted as hell. My blue glittery notebook from Accessorize which I got from Safa Gold a while back for 1700RS / 15US$. It doesn’t have lines which is pretty cool because I can draw some ideas or cross out things I’ve done.

Having a diary is also a must because, I feel like when I don’t have a diary on me, I’m losing my thoughts and I don’t want to lose them. There’s something about writing your thoughts with a pen that makes me feel safe and calm at the same time. However, this isn’t the diary that I write my secrets in, that one is my prized possession and no ones going to read it anytime soon.

Wallet, because you definitely can’t travel without it. It not only has your ID and other cards but also money. And, you need money, doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity or a normal person, you need money to survive. Also, there’s something about leather that I’ve always been attracted to, be it jackets or wallets; I absolutely love leather. The wallet it from Jafferjee’s and I got it from the Giga outlet. It has my initials “MAQ” on the front and it was an 18th birthday present from my Mom. It was for 2400RS / 22US$. Funny story, my best friend also gave me the same wallet as a birthday present this year, but I’ve saved it for when this one gets ruined. Which could take a while, but I’m glad I have a backup leather wallet.

I’m not high maintenance. Or, I guess I’m not. I tried the Rose water hydrating spray from Miniso and got it for 350RS / 2.50 US$. It’s actually really refreshing when used frequently and also rose water is good for your skin. The mist isn’t great, I’ll say that. But, if you want baby soft skin like you had when you didn’t hit puberty, get it this.

I feel like a lot of these things are presents but, hey, I like the things people give me. Also, when someone gives you something out of love, you got to use it. It’s a token of their love for you. My hands get extremely dry through out the year and I have to use lotions for my hands all year round. My go is Nivea body lotion, but it’s too big for traveling. The large bottle is for 575RS / 4.75US$, and are easily available in practically any drugstore. I don’t know if they make a travel size, if someone knows that, please tell! But I have the Bath and Body Works Mad For You mini lotion; which is perfect for traveling. It smells incredible and has shea butter and vitamin E in it. It definitely smooths out my crusty dusty hands. HAHAH, probably aren’t that bad.. or are they?

Sunglasses. These are a must even if you’re just going out of the house. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and stops the nasty aging spots and hence, no wrinkles. I mean, I definitely do not want that. Look at JLo, she has the biggest sunglasses ever, and is practically perfect. Take notes. The sunglasses are Police, and I don’t remember the price, there quite old.

A makeup bag by body shop that is actually my mom’s but, I stole it from her. Hahah, she knows so it’s not really stealing. It has all my makeup products that I love and I know that work. They’re limited and I love to travel light, because I always want to buy stuff from the place I visit. Whether it’s Lahore or London, this rule does not change.

My jewelry box which is the utmost precious thing that I own. Let me know if you’d like a post on my go to silver and gold toned jewelry. The box has two compartments and a small mirror which is actually pretty handy. I got the box from Islamabad’s Sunday bazaar. It was I don’t know, like 150RS / 1US$, which is like nothing. And it works pretty well, holds a lot of small stuff and is very small itself, so you can just throw it in your bag.

My iPad of course, so I can watch YouTube. Currently watching the Jake Paul series made my Shane Dawson, which is literally a roller coaster. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend watching it. And, the charging cable if my phone or iPad are low on battery.

Headphones; because music is everything and I have to listen to it in the car. My current playlist is:

Without Me Halsey This is such a heartfelt song by Halsey and incredibly catchy.

Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin This is such a cult classic song and can never get old. Led Zeppelin is definitely the jewels of Rock and I’m utterly obsessed with them. Jimmy Page’s guitar skills blow me away every single time I listen to this piece of art. What a masterpiece. ❤

Under Pressure Shawn Mendes ft Teddy (Queen cover) This.. is probably one of the best Shawn songs to have released. If you’re a fan of Queen or old school Rock bands, you need to give it a listen. It’s a Queen cover for their new movie and will be featured in it. I’M SO EXITED! As I played the song, 2 seconds in and I was already obsessed. This is an incredibly difficult song to cover, and Shawn literally tried his best, the falsettos are beautiful and the flow is incredibly smooth. Seeing the vocal changes in his voice from the last two years, it’s so amazing to see that he’s only aiming for the top. I’m so proud of him. :’) Freddie Mercury would be proud, RIP.

Japanese Denim Daniel Ceaser If you’re still not listening to Daniel Ceaser… why? If you’re a RnB fan, you’ll love this. He truly has the voice of an angel.

Hotel California (Live) Eagles This is the song of my childhood, literally. Give it a listen, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Idontwannabeyouanymore Billie Eilish This has such a strong message, and it’s written by a 16 year old. What was I doing when I was 16? Probably moping around the house.

Bad Reputation MTV Unplugged Shawn Mendes This is the one of THE best Shawn Mendes songs. Literally top 10. Don’t even try to argue with me on this, because nothing can change my mind on this. Even my Dad likes it!

Kamikaze (Album) by Eminem. Can’t stop listening to it. Also, the people who think Revival sucked, you need half a brain to understand the meaning behind that album. But give it a listen if you haven’t already. If you have, can we be best friends? I listened to it the day it released, just clarifying before someone labels me as a ‘fake fan’, man I hate when people do that.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do a playlist to my life sort of blog. Where I’ll explain in detail what the song is, why I like it, and what memories I have linked to them. Those are my favorite to watch and I haven’t come across that in a written form, so I’d love to do that. Let me know!

PS: I slept halfway so… don’t blame me, I woke up at 6am for this.

Thank you so much for the love on the blogs, reading and just supporting me. Even if you’re hating on me, I guess, thanks? ❤

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