How I style my clothes.

If I have a rule, no. 1 is black jeans. I literally own eleven pairs, and wear them everyday. They’re plain and they go with literally everything. If some people are wondering to wash their jeans or not, the answer is— WASH IT! Not only is it hygienic but it also keeps it in shape. I have absolutely no idea how some people don’t was their jeans.. ew.

Also, I like to wear solid colors or keep it monochrome; but sadly I can almost never get anything nice in that catagory. I definitely have some pieces I love, but majority are just items I like otherwise. The thing about monochromes is that they can be paired with anything. If you want to keep it simple, or add pops of color. But, personally, I don’t add color with monochromes.

Next thing is accessories. Which is by far, my favourite. I love to wear watches and have a collection, if I say so myself. I love to wear rings, and when I forget to do so, I feel as if my fingers are naked. It’s a really weird feeling actually.

Pairing. This is probably my favourite thing to do with accessories. I’ll look for a base color, if silver or golden goes better with the shirt/dress I’m about to wear. When I’m done with that, I look for either Silver/Golden necklaces, and wear atleast two. It looks sort of put together and cute. I actually took inspiration from Hailey Baldwin in this department.

For shoes, I usually wear sneakers. They’re less maintenance, last longer, and are comfortable. My go to sneakers have to be my Puma suedes. I love them so much it’s insane. They go really well with golden-warm toned clothes and have a very chic look to them. Kudos to Puma.

These things are usually what I look for and pair together. It might look like much but, put together, it’s sort of effortless. That’s the key actually.

For this picture I’m wearing a Sapphire shirt which you can tie from the sides. I like the cut, it’s very different from other places. The print is floral but I don’t mind it because it’s on the sides and plain in the centre. The jeans are from Old Navy, and they need to sponsor me because, God knows how many pairs I’ve bought from them. They make the best black jeans ever, period. A white Fossil watch with two silver rings that my Mom got for me a long time ago, and my seven year old necklace from Clarks— as my accessories.

Nothing really going on in this picture, but I may do a fashion blog in the future. Hopefully.

Thankyou so much for reading and supporting!! ❤️

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