What I bought from the Sapphire Sale.

I was in the car when I got the alert for the Sapphire sale. It was upto 70% on selected items, and I thought that, ‘meh, it’s probably just going to be the weird clothes.’ But man, was I wrong or was I wrong..

I went to the Giga outlet around 8:45 and went straight to hunting. There was a seperate section for the sale items. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got there and saw all the nice clothes on 35, 50 & 70% off.

I’ve been to countless sales all over the country and the world, but never have I ever seen clothes being 70% off. And, clothes that were actually pretty good. Like, I was s h o o k. Searching through the racks, I picked up a total of five items and finalised three. I’ve always had this technique of picking up things I really like, and then I go through them and pick out what I actually want. By doing this, it actually saves money and time, instead of spending 15 minutes deciding whether I want the item or not.

The thing that I was extremely pissed about was probably the try room fiasco. The try rooms were closed and they said it was due to people stealing clothes. But, like they could control the amount of clothes people took in and keep check. But, what can I say? Once again, everywhere you go people steal stuff. When I was in London, Primark had a huge sale and the try rooms were open. They only monitored the number of items we took in, and that’s how you control stuff.

Not saying this never happens here, the Khaadi outlet moniters the number of items you take in. But for the interesting part, the clothes!

So luckily, all the clothes I liked were from the 70% section. That literally made my day.

This is probably my favourite from all the shirts I bought. It’s simple and I love the fabric. It’s really easy to pair stuff and wear cool jewellery with solid colors. And, also I’ve been searching for something like this for a while now. The original price was 2600RS / 24US$ but I got it for 780RS / 5.30US$ on 70% off.

This is was very unique and a very eye catching color. I’ve never worn magenta and I was really drawn to it when I saw it, so I knew I had to give it a shot. This was also from a 70% off rack. It was originally for 2800RS / 26US$ but I got it for 840RS / 6.40 US$. Honestly, amazing.

This was the last item that I got and I really like it. It’s a very simple ivory color with embroidered sleeves. I’m glad it doesn’t have too many prints, because i’m over it. It’s a really cute mono chrome color scheme. This was also from the 70% off rack. What can I say, I was having a good day. 2950RS / 26.75US$ but after discount it was 885 RS / 6.50US$.

I absolutely loved the sale and was so glad that they had the nicer items for sale, and not the items that no one wants. However, hated the try room situation. They really need to work for that. 11/10 would recommend going to the sale!

Our total was 15,000RS / 147US$, which was reduced to 4,599RS / 44US$. Not all items were mine, hahaha. I was so sad when I bought the same shirts for 5000RS / 48US$, just to see them on 50-70% off. But, oh well. Life happens.

PS: Cinnabon’s Iced Latte is everything. Drink it, it’s so good. ❤️

Thankyou so much for reading and supporting my last blog, really meant alot. ❤️ xx


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