My honest thoughts on Yesterday I Was The Moon..

Everytime I when I’m writing a blog post, I feel like the most dramatic person on the planet. But we all have our roles to play, and I guess mine is being dramatic online. I ordered yesterday i was the moon from Liberty books, which is written by Noor Unnahar. I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce her last time, so I don’t even try.

I got to know about Noor through my instagram explore page in 2017. I remember scrolling through her account an seeing all the extremely aesthetically pleasing pictures. I always used to look at her account just because it made me happy. However, unlike many other instances in my life, I forgot about it.

Then, again recently, when I stumbled onto her page, yet again. I scrolled through it again, looking at the perfectly captured pictures with the awe-inspiring poetry, distorted yet, extremely mesmerizing art. I feel in love all over again. I saw her poetry in a couple of her own pictures and immediately, without even thinking; went straight to Liberty. I typed in her book and ordered it without even thinking. Legit. It was a windy Sunday night an I fell prey to online shopping. *sigh*

Fast forward, I received my book and grinned like a child on Eid. I also had a signed book! Which seriously made me so happy and I put it on my insta story in a blink.. but also got a message from Noor! That was so crazy for me. Once I picked up the book, I couldn’t put it down.. it was so addicting. I literally had to stop myself because I wanted to give it time, and enjoy it. I did not do that, but I read 75% of it in the same night.

The poem which spoke volumes for me was the one that basically said not to be so hard on yourself, and take inspiration from phoenixes who rise from their ashes. That was, hands down, the best poem in the book. I sent snapchats to all my friends that they need to read it, and basically not shutting up about it.

So, in a nutshell; if you wanna skip all of this, let me tell you.. YOU need this. It is absolutely beautiful, and of course, if you love poetry, you’d love it. I know I did.

Show some love to Noor, @noor_unnahar on instagram.

@opaqueblues, if you wanna follow me on instagram. ❤

Thankyou so much for reading and supporting. ❤


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