A day in my life.

Tuesday, Oct 2.

You know there are some days when you just wake up and feel like it’s going to a good day, yeah, I got that feeling today. Even though my university starts at 10, I still have to wake up at 7:45 to get ready and leave. My dad takes me with him, and after university, I just sit around in his office.

Tuesdays in particular is an extremely hectic day. I’ve got three classes and I get off at 4. But, thank God— because of good friends and a light environment time ticks away fast. We joke around sitting in the cafeteria about every little thing.

However, I literally fell asleep in my Criminal class. So, before the teacher saw me, I sneakily took out my coffee tin from my bag and chugged it in two seconds flat. I had the “Nescafe Chocolate Mocha” and for someone who does not like sweet coffee— safe to say, I hated it. I prefer a sting in my coffee which immediately wakes me up. While that did a great job at that, I was not a fan of the coffee in the slightest.

Then after hours of laughing and been extremely lazy in class, it was time to go to my dad’s office. I knoooow, it sounds boring and ‘what do you even do there?’ But honestly, it’s fun and time passes quickly. I thankfully handed my six page assignment yesterday so I didn’t need to do that. It was just one of those days where I had Killshot by Eminem on REPEAT. While I listened to my favourite artist ever, I scrolled through Instagram and took in the view from my dad’s office.

The going back home is another hurdle. I feel like i’ll never like going back home. But also, after a long day, all I want is my bed. Like, just jump on it. But, instead of doing that, I called my friend and we talked for an hour, where we mainly caught up in all the drama in our lives. Drama. Then my mom knocked on my door and handed me a parcel, I knew straight away exactly what it was. From the signature liberty packaging, I was like a child on Eid.

I unwrapped the carefully packaged package, and there revealed my two new books. Yesterday I Was The Moon by Noor Unnahar & Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. I immediately skipped through some pages reading some poems from YIWTM, and loving every second. But, what I did not know, was that my book was signed! I was so happy, because I love Noor’s instagram account and also her poetry. So, that was my icing on a cake.

Same old: ate dinner, walked to the park, showered, jammed to some music.

Ended my night by watching the Part 3, “The Family of Jake Paul”, by Shane Dawson. Honestly, a must watch. Shane is arguably the best youtuber, and also i’ve loved him even before he started doing docu-series. If you’re into conspiracy theories, he’s the man.

The Family Of Jake Paul

PS: I know today’s not Tuesday, but it got pretty late and I was too lazy to upload it yesterday.

Thankyou for reading and supporting!!❤️



  1. Seems like such a nice day! I also would love to just be at my father’s office, because I think you can concentrate good there. I loved reading this! Thank you 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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