Making lunch + my reaction to new songs. 🎶🍲

Friday’s for me are the most fun and peaceful day of the week. The number 1 reason being that I get a off from University, which is absolutely stressful. Ugh, thank God. Fun, because I get to be lazy without feeling guilty and just do whatever I want to.

For lunch these days, I have been eating an apple or a sandwich with a coffee. With my university schedule being absolutely crazy I have no time for lunch and hardly have any energy for exercise, but I manage to push through it. Crazy amounts of coffee is an absolute necessity!

However, today I cooked myself a really nice and amazing meal. It was really simple to make. I made the Koka Mushroom noodles and threw in some bologna slices. I took some old chicken from the fridge (it wasn’t that old😂), took some jalapeños and topped it off with some honey bbq and mustard sauce and called it a day. I grilled it to have those really aesthetically pleasing lines because, uh, it’s all for the eyes.

I had a cup of Moroccan Mint green tea, and sat down to listen to some new music. I feel like 2018 is the year where there’s an overwhelming amount of music releasing, new artists emerging and sometimes can be alot of hit or miss. However, moving on. G Eazy released a new track with Anthony Russo, “Rewind.”

The thing about G Eazy that I love is that he raps real good and also takes inspiration from books and life. He’s definitely a really good lyricist. After Eminem, he’s the it white rapper.

The beat throughout the song is really catchy and just sticks to your head, I’d know because I’ve been listening to it for the past hour, nonstop. The vibe from the song is kind of a money hungry girl, that wants to be with him, but he doesn’t want to— and him wanting to “be as big as Pac.” The Chorus by Anthony Russo is very thoughtful and fits perfectly with the song and G’s flow. I love it! ❤️ By the way, I LOVE G & Halsey together. 😍

Listen— ❤️

Another track is, Lauv ft Julia Micheals There’s no way. I love Julia’s voice and her songwriting skills are beautiful. Each one of her lyrics are very thought out and just to the point. I love how Lauv collaborated with her on this track, their voices fit really well and the beat matches pretty good. I love the message behind the song because it’s something that so many people can relate to. The music video is so sweet and I can’t stop watching it! Julia looks absolutely stunning, love her. ❤️


Thankyou so much for reading!!💙


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